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Why You Need Homework Sheets

homework sheets

Why should you take on homework if you end up not doing it? Google Play and the App Store carefully offer apps with ready-made homework for all occasions. More precisely, they offer ready-made homework sheets for all classes in all subjects. But disappointment and low grades can come for those who are too lazy to think a little before using those apps. And often this is what the collections of ready-made solutions are accustomed to.

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What to Tell in the Dissertation Outline

dissertation outline

The post-graduate wisdom says, “it does not matter how relevant your thesis is, but what matters is who your supervisor is.” However, one should not understand the meaning of this statement in the literal sense. Not every supervisor will choose a proper dissertation topic for you and help you to write a strong dissertation outline. When choosing a topic for a dissertation, assessing relevance while making an outline is not an easy task, and very little will help a graduate student make the right choice. So how do you choose an adequate topic, justify its relevance, and write a proper outline?

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The Complete Guide on How to Write a Dissertation Abstract

dissertation summary,

The process of completing a dissertation is usually divided into parts, such as research, writing itself, editing, and preparing for the viva voce. However, these stages can also be separated into smaller steps. In this article, we will discuss only a singular factor to writing a dissertation: the dissertation summary, or the abstract, as it is called in scholarly circles.

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How to Pass Standard Publishing Dissertation in a Journal


The publication of a scientific work that paves the way to a scientific degree is not only a demonstration of ambitions, but also an indispensable condition for obtaining a degree. By providing others with access to the results of your research for many years, the scientist contributes to the further development of science. In addition, the published dissertations are easier to check for errors and plagiarism.

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Requirements for Thesis Format

thesis format

Do you know what thesis format you should stick to while writing? The thesis should be printed on A4 paper on one side of the sheet through 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font, font size 12-14 points, with indentation equal to 5 spaces. The numbering of the thesis pages should be cross-cutting; pages are numbered in Arabic numerals; the page number is not indicated on the title page; on the next page, put the number “2”; illustrations and tables are included in the overall page numbering. The page number is printed at the top margin of the page.

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