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Learn How to Write a Narrative Essay in 5 Steps


For narrative essay writing, it’s essential to be a good storyteller. If you are good at storytelling, it will be easy for you to complete an incredible paper. However, even if you are not, you have the opportunity to become great with this guide. Before our guide on how to write a narrative essay, answer the question: are you a good storyteller?
You can find this out with the help of the short test that we’ve prepared for you. There are eight statements listed below. Define whether they are true or false about you.

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7 Killer Tips on How to Write a Movie Review


Studying at college is boring from time to time. While studying, you have to complete a lot of assignments that are not always interesting for you. Among all types of assignments, one of the most engaging is writing a movie review essay. Everyone likes watching movies, and this factor immensely facilitates the task. In this article, we would like to provide you with information on how to write a movie review. Follow our instructions and you’ll succeed with your essay quickly! Continue reading

Be Ready for Writing an Annotated Bibliography


For some of us, writing an annotated bibliography is a boring necessity. And for someone else, it is a lifeline for research. The need to write an annotated bibliography motivates you to look for the appropriate information more thoroughly. You save yourself from the risk of using non-authoritative sources as you must comment on it after that. So, we’d like to answer the most popular questions about annotated bibliographies for you to manage writing it brilliantly. Continue reading

Essay on Drugs: The Impact of Drug Dealing on the Economy

essay on drugs

This essay is aimed to explain the impact of drug dealing on the economy using simple macroeconomic logic. While this paper elaborates on the effects of drug dealing on key economic areas, including labour force productivity, economic output, savings and investment, trade and balance of payments and inflation, the evidence provided in this essay propounds the notion that overall illicit drug dealing would negatively affect the economy.

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The Great Depression Essay Sample

What Happened to African Americans During the Great Depression?

The Great Depression Essay

The time of the Great Depression is the time America’s worst economic crisis, where thousands of people lost their jobs, unable to find new ones, and thousands of families were forced into poverty. This period made the already quite gloomy economic situation much worse for African Americans.

Because Blacks were the first ones to lose their jobs, they suffered from joblessness in more ways than whites did. At the beginning of the US government help program, African Americans got significantly less support comparably to whites. Continue reading

What Are Term Papers?


Q: What are term papers?
Term papers are works that are assigned by your instructor for the summarizing of some academic term. Its target is to check your knowledge and skills for some determined period of time. Usually, writing term papers is time-consuming work and it has much in common with writing research papers. You are to show your ability to analyze, organize and synthesize information.

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How to Keep Calm and Create a Personal Statement for University


There’s no challenge in life you can not manage, and that includes a personal statement for university. It’s hard to believe now, but you definitely will write it, because you just have no choice. So stop going insane, put yourself together and start preparing for your personal statement writing. The very first step you’re actually doing right now – looking for the information that concerns a university personal statement. We don’t insist that we will totally solve all your problems right now.

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A Painless Way of Writing a Process Paper


Have you been assigned to write a process paper? Do not rush to panic! You’ll soon understand how easy it is. We could hardly meet a person that is not able to learn how to do something step by step. It can be a recipe, or an installation manual for household appliances or whatever else. You don’t even realize how often you explain some process yourself. For example, when you explain to your parents how to install some software or explain how to get somewhere to a stranger.
After you take a closer look at writing a process paper, you may even end up liking it. We’ll tell you about the structure, the format and the topic, and we will give you little tips.

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How to Write the Best Philosophy Essays


If you are going to write philosophy essays, take courage, as it will be quite difficult. Philosophical issues have existed since time immemorial. People have been always interested in how the world works. Every person has his or her personal views on everything in the world. These differences between us cause the appearance of problematic questions.
In this article, we’ll tell you how to discuss these questions in a proper way and how to manage a philosophy paper.

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