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Category Archives: Samples

Antigone Essay Sample

Antigone essay

The following “Antigone” essay tells about the tragedy that is written on the mythological plot of the Theban cycle. From the very beginning, in the dialogue with Ismena, Antigone’s decisive character is revealed, of which she inherited from her father – the character of strength. Although the songs of the choir often mention a fatal curse that gravitates over the genus Oedipus, it does not lie at the heart of the developing action. The determination and firmness of Antigone in the implementation of her idea, in the fight against the sovereignty of Creon, are connected with the purposeful development of an action that is characterized by Antigone’s strong features.

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1984 Essay Sample

1984 essay

The following “1984” essay talks about the classical anti-utopia that tells about the political and social structure that developed on Earth by the end of the 20th century. The Third World War, which took place in the middle of the century, divided the world into three states – Oceania, Eurasia, and Ostazi. Each of the states has the same military potential and social structure, the roots of which come from a distant past that forever established for humanity the only possible hierarchy of the Higher, the Middle, and the Lower segments of society.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Sample

To Kill a Mockingbird essay

The following “To Kill a Mockingbird” essay is about a warning, a prediction of violent protest actions and demonstrations of the “Second American Revolution” of 1963. The novel takes place in the city of Maycombe, Alabama, in the 1930s, during the childhood of the author herself. The unhurried provincial life of this typical southern city “explodes” by a lawsuit over a foolish accusation of violence against a white girl by black Tom Robinson.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray Essay Sample

The Picture of Dorian Gray essay

We have prepared a “The Picture of Dorian Gray” essay for you. As an English writer of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Oscar Wilde, in his intellectual novel, “The Portrait of Dorian Gray,” raises rather complicated philosophical, aesthetic, and moral problems, pondering the relationship and role of beauty and morality in the life of the individual. In Wilde’s novel, there is a mention of the “poison book” that influenced the protagonist so much and pushed him to an immoral way of life, justifying vices. Therefore, perhaps, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is also such a book, as claimed by many of the contemporaries of Wilde.

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Romeo And Juliet Essay Sample

romeo and juliet essay

The following “Romeo and Juliet” essay presents the popular play. The genre of the play is tragedy, which is established in accordance with the literary traditions of the Renaissance and is determined by an unhappy end (the death of the main characters). The composition of the tragedy at the level of the plot has a symmetrical construction. The death of the girl at the end of the work looks natural from the point of view of historical norms, and from the standpoint of the passion that was characteristic of the young heroes of the tragedy: Juliet could not live without Romeo, Romeo was gone, Juliet was gone.

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Grapes of Wrath Essay Sample

Grapes of Wrath essay

Below you will find a “Grapes of Wrath” essay about the novel, the pages of which reveal the problems of human existence in an unfavorable social environment, the problems of protecting human rights, and its worldview. The Jowd family is at the center of the novel’s events, which exemplify the fate of Oklahoma farmers. These people are driven from the land, not being offered anything in return. The egoism of the government, which is completely indifferent to the fate of the homeless, is striking. People can not find justice for themselves because of inaction of government officials.

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A Doll’s House Essay Sample

a doll's house essay

The “A Doll’s House” essay you will find below is talking about the play, in the center of which is a happily married couple – lawyer Helmer and his wife Nora. In the first act, the husband appears before us as a strong, loving, caring husband and father of the family. His wife is cheerful, carefree and frivolous. But everything changes towards the end of the third act, when a terrible truth is revealed. It turns out that to save her husband, Nora borrowed a large sum of money, forging her father’s signature. But the author clearly sympathizes with the heroine, exposing her as a loving wife, ready to sacrifice everything, for the sake of saving her husband and family.

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All’s Well That Ends Well Essay Sample

all's well that ends well essay

We are going to present the “All’s Well That Ends Well” essay on the play that was found to be unskillful and was attributed to other authors by some researchers. Later Shakespearean dramas have a feature that distinguishes them from earlier comedies and chronicles – in them the action develops in two planes: the real and the fantastic, as the elements of the wonderful invade into events, and in the final scenes Shakespeare offers two solutions – first, the real outcome of events, and then the imaginary, caused by the intervention of miraculous accidents.

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Aeneid Essay Sample


The followingAeneid” essay demonstrates that this poem is written, so to speak, in two plans. The actions of people and events are substantiated in it in two ways: either by intervention of gods, main or small (winds, nymphs, etc.), or by natural causes – the considerations and desires of people. It can be said that “Aeneid” would have only benefited if Virgil had decided on a bold and radical step – breaking the epic tradition, to exclude the intervention of individual gods in particular events – and would have granted Aeneas the role of the first unifier of Italy and the founder of the great Roman power.

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BBC Essay Sample


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