Who Can Write My Dissertation for Me?

Writing a dissertation is both one of the most important and most difficult parts in any studying course. You have to show profound knowledge of the subject along with brilliant research skills and good academic writing. Add test preparation and handling all the assignments, and writing a good dissertation turns into an impossible task. However, at some point of your studies, you just have to do it. Yes, the term of writing can be prolonged, and some students spend up to 10 years working on their dissertations. Here are a bunch of efficient lifehacks you can use to make the process of writing faster. And remember: you can always ask “write my dissertation for me,” and the WriteMyEssayOnline.com team will be there to help you.

Write Easily

First of all, a dissertation is a lengthy academic document. Students often find it hard to concentrate on the main claim (thesis) of their writing, and they include irrelevant information and so on. In this case, nothing could be better than a great outline. Once you have it in front of your eyes, you have a clear idea of the structure of your work, or at least you won't forget to include the main points.

Secondly, to write a good dissertation, you have to collect profound data for proving your thesis. You need both primary and secondary sources, which makes the task two times harder. It's hard to think of some trick to make your research faster‪—the only way to find this information is to take your time and search libraries and the Internet. Remember that you can conduct your research a little bit easier by looking at used sources page of defended dissertations somehow related to your topic. Often, you can find them in your department or in the library.

And finally, don't try writing step by step. If you are stuck at some point in the introduction, just move to the literature overview or to some other part you feel like writing today. It is better to write a lot of scattered parts and then compose them together into a united whole, than to spend several weeks trying just to start. And remember: you can always ask “help me write my dissertation” and solve all your academic problems at once.

Why Choose Us

Before you decide to ask a service to “write dissertation for me,” you need to know that if the service is of a high quality and is trustworthy, because a dissertation isn't something you can rewrite within a day or two. Here are just a couple of reasons why you should entrust your dissertation to WriteMyEssayOnline.com:

  1. We have a system of partial payments. Since a dissertation is a lengthy work, we understand students' concerns and unwillingness to prepay. So, we wanted to design a system that would be convenient and safe for both our authors and clients. And we found the solution: it's a system of paying in parts. Once you have submitted an order, it is automatically divided into parts (from 2 to 5). You will be asked to pay only after approving each part sent by your chosen author.
  2. We have a money back guarantee. Not so many “write my dissertation” services offer money back guarantees, since the quality of a paper isn't something you can easily define. However, we are confident in our authors' skills, so we do have a money back guarantee. You can read more at the corresponding section of the FAQ page.
  3. We don't use any intermediaries in client-author communication. This helps us keep prices affordable and the process of communication fast. We are sure that no one can state your demands better than you, so we have designed a convenient live chat, where you can discuss all the questions that arise directly with your author.
  4. Besides, we don't have any fixed prices, we use a bidding system instead. Once you have placed your order, our authors that are interested in it start placing their bids, suggesting their prices. You can check each author's education, experience, website rating, and then make your decision. Some people think this system may encourage authors to overprice their work, but actually this works in the opposite way. Due to the fact that authors feel competitive and want to get more orders, they keep prices affordable while doing their best in writing.
  5. We have unlimited revisions. If you have detected an unsatisfactory rate of plagiarism, or you think that the author is going in the wrong direction, you can contact him or her and ask to rewrite the work absolutely for free. You can ask for free amendments as many times as you need before approving each part of the work sent by your chosen writer.

Still wondering whom to ask “write my dissertation online?” Place an order at WriteMyEssayOnline.com, and we will show you how a perfect dissertation looks like.