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American Red Cross Essay Example From Experts

Good Publicity for Red Cross Despite Scandals


The Red Cross Society is a humanitarian organization that embarks on providing services and aid in times of calamities across the globe, focusing primarily on individuals affected by violence and warfare. The organization enjoys a great deal of prominence among the member countries due to its rapid activity and rising to the occasion in times of conflict and giving a helping hand free of charge to affected individuals within various regions. Humanity is an essential aspect of society, hence the need to engage relative measures to ensure that the outcomes of violence and calamities instigated by other aspects such as weather are controlled to create a cohesive living environment and eliminate hardships experienced. Even though the Red Cross Society has experienced an excellent public image, and its good deeds outweigh the negatives, various scandals within its operations have implicated the organization.

red cross essay sample

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Essay about Experience in Life

Self-Regulation Strategy and Task-Oriented English Learning

The contemporary world has evolved significantly, with independence playing a key role in the current generations to embrace, especially self-regulation. Self-regulation is one of the most critical requirements to implement as a theoretical application when discussing the efficacy of learning the second language (L2). Multiple learners embrace diverse strategies in regulating their process of learning. The efficiency of learning depends on the plans that numerous students use in completing the given tasks. The effective process of learning a second language (L2) is dependent on multiple factors such as control strategies or the measures of self-regulation.

life experience essay

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A Great Dreams Essay Example You Wanted to Read

The Dark Dreams of David Lynch

Early in David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive, the narrative breaks away from the story of a woman escaping a murder attempt and centers on two men eating at a diner called Winkie’s. One of the men nervously tells the other about a recurring nightmare he’s having, in which they’re at this same diner together, scared of something evil living behind the Winkie’s. When the nervous man finishes, the two investigate behind the diner, hoping to dispel the nightmare.

essays about dreams

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An Essay About School Uniform Sample

Should Uniforms Be Forbidden in Schools?

The implementation of uniforms in school has caused much debate. Some parents refuse to comply with this policy requiring their children to wear uniforms. However, the rate of school-related issues has shed light on the importance of the mandated policy. Uniforms should not be forbidden in schools due to their help in promoting discipline in students, reducing the expenses of parents on their children’s clothes, encouraging equality, and abolishing hierarchical discrimination among all students.

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The Essay About Slavery Sample You Were Longing For

What Kinds of Arguments Did Southerners Use to Defend Slavery?

Physical abuse and unjust treatment were some of the reasons why slaves sought to be free from their slaveholders. They got whipped when they became idle in the field and they were only given cold bacon and molasses to eat. They also lived in terror every time they harvested less than what was required from them. They even get separated from their families. Because of this, slaves sought to put an end to the institution of slavery. However, Southerners had laid some arguments that slavery should not be abolished, like economics, history, and the welfare of their slaves.

essay on slaves

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Personal Goals and Study Habits Essay

Negative attitudes and behaviors towards studies will negatively impact grades, so it necessitates changes in study habits. There are a lot of critical things to consider when it comes to studying pattern adjustment. The most vital thing to remember about learning is that no two individuals learn alike, so no two students should copy learning modes. What is effective for one may not be effective for the other colleague, which denotes the individual aspects regarding the best study mode to be in the application (Alva and Manuel 103). Primarily, improvements to study habits will encompass both the personal dimensions and the group-based approach to conducting studies.

my goal essay

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Abortion Essay Example About the Mother’s Right to Abortion

Reading many scholarly researches on this topic, students can increase their knowledge to state their position in controversial discussions. The following work is one of such abortion essay examples where the author argues toward the possibility for any woman to have a choice in this act. There are many moral and ethical principles in various cultures that forbid abortion; still, women can be responsible for this decision, not someone else.

essays on abortions

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Teenage Pregnancy Essay Example

Maternity is one of the most responsible parts of a woman’s life, yet not every woman maintains this role. It does not matter what occupation a woman chooses; she makes the right choice. It is spoken in many essays on teen pregnancy that in any case, when a young woman decides to become pregnant and have a baby, it is a prominent choice she makes in her life. Indeed, the woman’s will should not be forced by social dogmas as in some cultures where parents marry their kids before legal age.

teenage pregnancy essays

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