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Personal Goals and Study Habits Essay

Negative attitudes and behaviors towards studies will negatively impact grades, so it necessitates changes in study habits. There are a lot of critical things to consider when it comes to studying pattern adjustment. The most vital thing to remember about learning is that no two individuals learn alike, so no two students should copy learning modes. What is effective for one may not be effective for the other colleague, which denotes the individual aspects regarding the best study mode to be in the application (Alva and Manuel 103). Primarily, improvements to study habits will encompass both the personal dimensions and the group-based approach to conducting studies.

my goal essay

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Should Animals Have Rights Essay


A variety of animal species suffer ineffable cruelties from society. These forms of animal cruelty consist of non-human animal mass production factories, violence from an average citizen, and subjection to dangerous and risky experimental situations, among others. Due to the damage inflicted upon animals, several debated challenges are raised in modern society. These challenges pose a question about the interests and rights of animals to humanity. The reason that humans have rights is to avoid unjust suffering and punishment. Humans are sentient beings; therefore, they are sensitive to unfairness and pain. Similarly, animals also have sentience, as they respond emotionally to violence and aggressive behavior. Consequently, they should also have rights to be protected against the violence and injustice manifested by humans.

essay on animals rights

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Abortion Essay Example About the Mother’s Right to Abortion

Reading many scholarly researches on this topic, students can increase their knowledge to state their position in controversial discussions. The following work is one of such abortion essay examples where the author argues toward the possibility for any woman to have a choice in this act. There are many moral and ethical principles in various cultures that forbid abortion; still, women can be responsible for this decision, not someone else.

essays on abortions

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Teenage Pregnancy Essay Example

Maternity is one of the most responsible parts of a woman’s life, yet not every woman maintains this role. It does not matter what occupation a woman chooses; she makes the right choice. It is spoken in many essays on teen pregnancy that in any case, when a young woman decides to become pregnant and have a baby, it is a prominent choice she makes in her life. Indeed, the woman’s will should not be forced by social dogmas as in some cultures where parents marry their kids before legal age.

teenage pregnancy essays

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Creative ‘Ethan Frome’ Essay Topics

‘Ethan Frome’ Essay TopicsPhoto by Free Nature Stock on Stocksnap.io

As a haunting and touching story of genuine human feelings, ‘Ethan Frome’ strikes the reader with its truthfulness. Becoming a real literary discovery of the early 20th century, the novella attracted much interest from the academic sector, inspiring scholars to come up with unique ‘Ethan Frome’ essay topics, exploring this distinctive literary work on a deeper level. In this regard, let’s check out the topics created by our inquisitive writers!

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Attractive ‘The Glass Menagerie’ Essay Topics

The Glass Menagerie’ Essay TopicsPhoto by Vidsplay on Stocksnap.io

As a substantial and globally appreciated memory play, ‘The Glass Menagerie’ touches on the key challenging problems of the 1930s. The play earned much admiration from literary critics due to its social significance and sharp metaphorical content. As a result, creating good ‘The Glass Menagerie’ essay topics has become a big trend in the academic world, leading WriteMyEssayOnline experts to make their unique contribution in it!

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‘Fences’ Essay Topics to Ease Your Writing

‘Fences’ Essay TopicsPhoto by Kristin Hardwick on Stocksnap.io

If you need to write a paper on the play ‘Fences’ but don’t understand what exactly to write about, check out our lists of topics. If you look at them, you will see that they are divided into categories to make the choosing process easier for you. Since we have gathered the most interesting topics, you will find the most suitable one for you. We hope that our ‘Fences’ paper topics will please you.

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