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Catcher In The Rye Essay Sample

Catcher in the Rye essay

The following “Catcher in the Rye” essay talks about the novel, the main idea of which is the rejection of the lie, which manifests itself both in the moral norms that exist in society, and in people, events, and objects. This is closely related to the image of the protagonist. Holden Caulfield introduces the reader not only to the external, eventual side of his life, but also internal notions of people he knows, different life situations, his own character.

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How to Write a Narrative Story

How to Write a Narrative Story

What Is a Narrative Essay

If you were asked to write a narrative essay, just know that it should be a story about your real-life experience. Yes, it will require a bit of imagination and your writing skills – you won’t need to do much research work, as it will be based only on your personal experience. A good narrative essay captures the reader’s attention, especially if the story describes an interesting event and is presented with friendly language. Usually tutors ask to describe your experience under certain circumstances or events. But it should not just be facts, but convey to the reader why the story has meaning. Continue reading

Canterbury Tales Essay – Marriage, Love, And Family

Canterbury Tales essay

The following “Canterbury Tales” essay talks about the collection of poetic short stories that were inspired by the spirit of the Renaissance zest for life. The earthly life acts in it as the supreme good of humanity. However, Chaucer pays tribute to the religious views of the Middle Ages. Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” is an extremely important source for investigating the ethics of family relations in different segments of society in medieval Britain.

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Full Guidance on How to Write a Complaint Letter

how to write a complaint letter

When you experience bad service as a customer, you usually feel disappointed, upset, angry, or all of these things at once. In such moments, you start to think how to defend your rights and to obtain justice. The first step is to send a complaint letter. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always help, but you should definitely start your struggle from this point. In this article, we will provide you with guidelines on how to write a complaint letter so that you will be heard.

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Bleak House Essay Sample

Bleak House essay

Check out our “Bleak House” essay, which discusses the novel in detail. Noticing that the romantic plot of the novel is an illusion, it does not have much artistic significance. At first glance it may seem that the “Bleak House” is satire. When satire does not have great aesthetic value, it does not reach the goal, no matter how this goal deserves it. On the other hand, when satire is permeated with artistic talent, its purpose does not matter much and eventually fades away, while the sparkling satire remains a work of art.

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Look at Fascinating To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Topics

To Kill a Mockingbird topics for essays

Harper Lee published just one book – “To Kill a Mockingbird” – but that was enough to influence the history of world literature. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is studied in American schools – it is a classic of world literature and the first serious piece of writing of Harper Lee. Before that, she wrote stories only in her spare time, and worked as an ordinary clerk in the daytime.

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Beowulf Essay Sample

Beowulf essay

The Old English poem “Beowulf” (the name is conditional, by the name of the protagonist) became widely known to the British since the 18th century, when it had begun to be explored by Danish philologists. In the poem, courage is the one most important characteristic of a warrior. We will consider in the following “Beowulf” essay why it is true in the context of the poem, as well as some of the methods which courage is underlined by. “Beowulf” is the main example of heroic poetry that was used in the Anglo-Saxon period of English literature nearly from the 5th to the 11th century.

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Remarkable Collection of Othello Essay Topics

Othello essay topics

At the heart of William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Othello,” written in 1604, is the story “A Moorish Captain,” published in 1565 as part of the collection “One Hundred Stories.” The artistic images of the heroes of the tragedy are vivid and realistic. You can use our “Othello” essay topics if you need to write an essay on any of the characters presented in the play.

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Beloved Essay Sample

Beloved essay

The following “Beloved” essay talks about the book that was considered as the best work of Toni Morrison and became her first bestseller. In her works, Toni Morrison explores the society in which racism flourishes, as well as its impact on humanity. Each of her novels is a mix of real history and parables with deep psychological and philosophical overtones. Morrison understands slavery not only as a certain stage in American history, but also as part of American consciousness and culture. In the novel, the embodiment of memory and the past is the image of Beloved, an unusual girl who accidentally enters the house of Seth.

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