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Category Archives: Business Papers

How to Write a Business Letter – Guidelines for Dummies

How to Write a Business Letter

A lot of business activities are conducted via ordinary letters or e-mails, compiled for the purpose of finding business partners, or offering goods or services. Business letters resolve organizational, commercial, procurement, legal, and many other issues. The style of a business letter usually has laconic, rigorous, clear and simple language, and often uses professional terminology. Business letters can be sent by mail and email. Each type of delivery has unique peculiarities, but the overall structure and tone doesn’t change.

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How to Write a Business Proposal of High Quality

how to write a business proposal

A business proposal is a tool used in working with partners: current and potential. A business proposal is a common type of text for selling. Each of us regularly meet various business proposals – the text motivates to take a certain action, for example, to go to the office, call managers, etc. The commission of such an action for cooperation with the company becomes the purpose of drafting a commercial proposal. But do you know how to write a business proposal?

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Learn How to Write the Best Resume ever

how to Write the Best Resume

No resume will land you a job, but an effective resume will help you get that important interview. With a good CV or resume, you can bring to focus your most positive points to the person reviewing the resumes. The best resume ever will clearly highlight your background, education, and experience without undue clutter.

The Basics of Your CV Writing

An effective resume is not just a listing of your educational accomplishments and jobs. This information has to be presented effectively. It should be interesting enough to catch the eye of the hiring manager. Continue reading