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Category Archives: Student life

How to Prepare a Speech – Rhetoric Lessons

how to prepare a speech

To prepare a good speech, it is important to know what to write in a speech and how to convey your thoughts to the audience. To do this, you need to make a plan for your speech – focusing on which, you can conclude a great oral speech. Naturally, the structure of each speech is unique and depends on many things, which include: the number and characteristics of the audience, their interest, the length of the speech, and much more. This article shows the basic rules for how to prepare a speech plan that you can apply in any circumstance.

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Why Is Homework Important, and When Is It Not?

why is homework important

There are many discussions on the importance of homework nowadays. Some people say that homework is redundant, others that it is extremely necessary, and still others say it depends on the age of the students. Which claim is true? Actually, all depends on the educational program. In this article, you will find a list of advantages and disadvantages of homework, along with our comments on the issue. This article is aimed to motivate you to study.

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These Benefits of Homework Will Motivate You to Study

homework benefits

After a long day at school or college, the one thing you are dreaming about is doing your homework. Just kidding. 🙂 Homework is likely to be one of those things you don’t like doing. Constant studying is a challenge even for the most diligent students. Though some students understand the benefits of homework and others don’t, all of them ought to complete home tasks, and below you’ll find the reasons why.

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6 Techniques on How to Focus on Homework That Will Work

how to focus on homework

Should students have homework? This is a controversial issue. We won’t try to find the answer to it now. Instead, we’ll discuss the ways of doing homework quickly. Sometimes when doing homework, it’s easy to get distracted all the time. You probably check your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or something of this nature every five minutes. It’s hard to concentrate on your tasks, but you have to. Therefore, the issue on how to focus on homework perturbs many students. If you are one of them, you should read this article, in which we will give you some precious and practical tips on how to stay focused when dealing with assignments.

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How Homework Causes Depression and Stress

In accordance with clinical observations of recent years, childhood and adolescent depression have become an important part of child psychopathology. Depression in children directly affects their sensitivity and its manifestations are associated with the psychosomatic sphere and the world of childhood psychoses. In addition, it accompanies many physical diseases, hiding under various behavioral disorders, and is accompanied by learning disabilities and school failures. Many students believe that too much homework causes stress. Let’s consider this statement.

homework and depression

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Explanation Why Homework Is Necessary for Students

homework is necessary for students

Homework is the independent fulfillment of tasks by students outside the classroom without the direct supervision of the teacher, under his or her indirect influence. These are the types of homework: the nature of cognitive activity – reproductive and creative; educational activities – the implementation of exercises and problem solving, work with the textbook, observations and experiments, reading additional literature, preparing reports, making allowances, etc. And the main question here: are homework necessary to do?

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6 Types of Students Based on FRIENDS: Attitude to Homework

Homework is a sore subject for each student and it is often discussed in many blogs. In this article, we are trying to puzzle out how homework was invented and what homework means for different types of students. Also, we will provide each type of student with useful recommendations. Check out which type of student you are and get our advice below!

Who Founded Homework?

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