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How to Create a Homework Chart With a Schedule Quickly

homework chart

Jackson Brown once said: “Do not say that you do not have time. You have exactly the same time as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Pasteur, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein.” We all perfectly understand that time is the most valuable resource. In order to achieve success, you need to be able to distribute everything you need to do competently throughout the day. And it is desirable to learn this from childhood. Therefore, a homework chart with a timetable should be created with the focus on what you can do at home. We really hope that this will help students to increase their grades and to get spare time for themselves.

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Homework Tips to Easily Cope With Your Assignments


Rare is the student who does not face the problem of doing homework. It is especially worrisome when you are just starting the new year of study. After all, instinctively students feel that if something is missed now, they will have to suffer all the remaining school years. It is important from the very first days of attending school to develop a positive attitude towards homework, and our homework tips will help.

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Homework Statistics and Rules for Doing It

Homework statistics

One of the causes of overload for students in school is a large amount of homework. Modern students are given big loads in school. Many students get so tired that they can hardly do their homework at home on their own. In some cases this leads to students ignoring the tasks of the teacher or performing them only partially. Homework statistics shows that as a result, the student will receive low grades, and he or she will start to lag behind the program.

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How to Prepare a Speech – Rhetoric Lessons

how to prepare a speech

To prepare a good speech, it is important to know what to write in a speech and how to convey your thoughts to the audience. To do this, you need to make a plan for your speech – focusing on which, you can conclude a great oral speech. Naturally, the structure of each speech is unique and depends on many things, which include: the number and characteristics of the audience, their interest, the length of the speech, and much more. This article shows the basic rules for how to prepare a speech plan that you can apply in any circumstance.

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Why Is Homework Important, and When Is It Not?

why is homework important

There are many discussions on the importance of homework nowadays. Some people say that homework is redundant, others that it is extremely necessary, and still others say it depends on the age of the students. Which claim is true? Actually, all depends on the educational program. In this article, you will find a list of advantages and disadvantages of homework, along with our comments on the issue. This article is aimed to motivate you to study.

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