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Category Archives: Student life

Are There Schools Without Homework?

schools without homework

In modern schools there is a clear tendency toward the ever-growing volume of homework. Starting with primary classes, students spend an hour every day, and even more, on homework. Unfortunately or fortunately, in this situation, Americans are not alone. Recently in Spain, parents announced a four-week strike – they massively wrote notes for teachers explaining the lack of exercises performed. For information, in Spain, students spend an average of seven hours per week on doing homework. So, is it possible to find schools without homework nowadays?

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Why Homework Is Bad or Good

why homework is bad

What children do at home is a continuation of what they do in school. It should not be forgotten that there is a direct dependence here.To date, from our point of view, the problem of homework is a problem related to teachers’ methods. Everything that students did not finish in the classroom is assigned as homework. The majority of students are probably against this kind of homework. It is clear that the burden on the student in the senior classes is overbearing, and greatly exceeds worker’s official 40-hour work week. They often need to spend 60 hours a week for studying and doing homework. We need to understand why homework is bad, and if we should accepting this, stop reacting to it, or try to change this situation.

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How to Create a Homework Chart With a Schedule Quickly

homework chart

Jackson Brown once said: “Do not say that you do not have time. You have exactly the same time as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Pasteur, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein.” We all perfectly understand that time is the most valuable resource. In order to achieve success, you need to be able to distribute everything you need to do competently throughout the day. And it is desirable to learn this from childhood. Therefore, a homework chart with a timetable should be created with the focus on what you can do at home. We really hope that this will help students to increase their grades and to get spare time for themselves.

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Homework Tips to Easily Cope With Your Assignments


Rare is the student who does not face the problem of doing homework. It is especially worrisome when you are just starting the new year of study. After all, instinctively students feel that if something is missed now, they will have to suffer all the remaining school years. It is important from the very first days of attending school to develop a positive attitude towards homework, and our homework tips will help.

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Why We Shouldn’t Have Homework and Struggle With It

homework help

Photo by Joshua Hoehne from Unsplash

Teachers decide whether homework helps to learn material or steals childhoods, and students hate homework, regardless of the conclusions of adults. The American teacher Brandy Young decided to cancel homework for her class. Most students think, “I don’t want to do my homework,” but what are the real disadvantages of doing your homework?

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Plausible Excuses for Not Doing Homework

excuses for not doing homework

[The post information was updated on June, 2023]

Sooner or later each student faces a situation when he or she needs to invent excuses for not doing homework. If you have found out that the homework deadline is dramatically near and you are not able to do it on time, you can hire an essay writer online or search for excuses to save your grades. Sometimes homework excuses can save you from getting low scores, and sometimes they can even worsen them. In this article, we try to elaborate whether students should make excuses for not completing homework tasks, how to do it right, and in which cases.

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