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Category Archives: Student life

How Homework Causes Depression and Stress

how homework causes depression

In accordance with clinical observations of recent years, childhood and adolescent depression have become an important part of child psychopathology. Depression in children directly affects their sensitivity and its manifestations are associated with the psychosomatic sphere and the world of childhood psychoses. In addition, it accompanies many physical diseases, hiding under various behavioral disorders, and is accompanied by learning disabilities and school failures. Many students believe that too much homework can cause stress. Let’s consider this statement.

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Explanation Why Homework Is Necessary for Students

homework is necessary for students

Homework is the independent fulfillment of tasks by students outside the classroom without the direct supervision of the teacher, under his or her indirect influence. These are the types of homework: the nature of cognitive activity – reproductive and creative; educational activities – the implementation of exercises and problem solving, work with the textbook, observations and experiments, reading additional literature, preparing reports, making allowances, etc. And the main question here: are homework necessary to do?

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6 Types of Students: What Homework Means for Each

Homework is a sore subject for each student and it is often discussed in many blogs. In this article, we are trying to puzzle out how homework was invented and what homework means for different types of students. Also, we will provide each type of student with useful recommendations. Check out which type of student you are and get our advice below!

Who Founded Homework?

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Lottery Winners Are Announced: Is It You?

We at WMEO have a surprise for our customers. Finally, we can announce winners of the lottery that took place this March. Let us remind you about the rules of the lottery.

The conditions were very simple — you needed to make orders. The more orders a customer made the more chances he or she had to win. Three winners were selected with the help of a randomizer.

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Concentration Tips for College Students

Tips for College Students

Even the best students sometimes feel like they cannot carry on anymore and write another report or whatever it is. Your college homework load can be huge at times, as if teachers have forgotten they were students not that long ago (not a century ago, you know). Moreover, students are rarely taught how to manage their assignments effectively. Sometimes parents or teachers just don’t know that and are afraid of looking stupid! So next time you are being told off for not writing a perfect essay, try not to listen and better focus on these little “psychological” tips for college students:

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What to Do Once You Graduate College

Graduate College

Do you already know what you are going to do after college? Unfortunately, a lot of students don’t know the answer to this question. We’ve prepared the best advice for college graduates.

Graduating college is like the final stop before the adulthood. Are you going to study further, or get a job? Are you going to travel, or start some business? It is pretty normal not knowing what to do next. If you don’t know what to do after you graduate college, we’ve preprared some options for you.

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8 Cheap Beers to Avoid at All Costs

Cheap Beers to Avoid

Taste is a subjective preference and some people will disagree with our opinion. Here’s a list of cheap beers the average person would agree are cheap and bad.

Different people have different attitudes toward cheap beer. To the party-going students, it’s a fact of life. Unfortunately, cheap doesn’t mean good. We’ve prepared a list of cheap beers should may want to avoid drinking.

Most people can recall slogging down a can of Schaefer for its availability and rock-bottom price. The advertising slogan for Schaefer beer is “Schaefer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one.” Amazingly, Schaefer was the top-selling beer in Puerto Rico during the 70s and 80s, but it has fallen from grace considerably since then.

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