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Plausible Excuses for Not Doing Homework

excuses for not doing homework

[The post information was updated on June, 2023]

Sooner or later each student faces a situation when he or she needs to invent excuses for not doing homework. If you have found out that the homework deadline is dramatically near and you are not able to do it on time, you can hire an essay writer online or search for excuses to save your grades. Sometimes homework excuses can save you from getting low scores, and sometimes they can even worsen them. In this article, we try to elaborate whether students should make excuses for not completing homework tasks, how to do it right, and in which cases.

5 Hackneyed Homework Excuses That You Should Forget Forever

An experienced teacher who has worked for many years knows all the most popular excuses very well and never believes them. Therefore, you should be really careful when contemplating the excuse. Here is a list of some excuses that teachers will never believe.

  1. “I forget my task at home” or “I took the wrong paper.” These lies are very simple to be caught in. Your teacher can send you home to bring your task or ask you some questions about it. For example, if it is math homework, the teacher can ask you to tell the answer, and if it is an essay, the teacher will ask you questions about the thesis statement and arguments. Also, the fact that you forgot the completed assignment shows that you are not a well-organized student.
  2. “A dog ate my paper.” Really? Does someone still believe it works? This excuse probably goes back to medieval times. In the 21st century, a significant part of homework is send via email to a teacher. And even if your paper was really eaten by a dog (though they mostly prefer shoes), it is you who are responsible for it because you left it in an inappropriate place.
  3. “My laptop collapsed.” Nice try, and still no! Though this excuse is at least from this century, it sounds unrealistic. It doesn’t mean that laptops never break, but they rarely break when we don’t need to do homework tasks. If the task was assigned to you a couple of days before, the teacher can say that you have enough time to finish it and that you should plan your time better next time. In case the task is assigned to the next day, still you have not much chance to succeed with this excuse unless the task is one that can’t be completed without a computer.
  4. “I felt unwell.” We don’t deny that students often feel unwell because they have too much stress while studying. However, if you tell your teacher post factum that you feel unwell, he or she will take your words with suspicion. Sometimes, your teacher can even ask your parents and you can be caught in the lie. If you really felt unwell, you should have warned your teacher beforehand or asked your parents to tell the teacher about your state of health.
  5. “I forgot about this assignment.” Don’t say it like this! You can in this case appear as a student who is indifferent towards the subject, or even someone who doesn’t respect the supervisor. It’s probably one of the worst excuses for not doing homework that you can use.

N.B. Unfortunately, making excuses can negatively influence your credibility and relationships with professors. As an option, you can use additional tools to do your homework quickly. Did you know that if you ask academic writers to “write me an essay,” they will need at least three hours to do it? If you need a short essay, they may write it even faster.

6 excuses for not doing homework

Main Principles of Creating Credible Excuses

Now that you know which excuses don’t work, we are moving to the most interesting part – how to create plausible apologies. Below, you’ll find core maxims that you should follow while thinking over your excuses for not doing homework.

  • Be honest… or almost honest. The problem of why you haven’t completed your homework really exists. You should understand it on your own and explain it to your teacher. What are typical reasons for students not doing their homework? It’s the lack of motivation (Check out how to do homework and not lose motivation) or being focused on other affairs that are more interesting for a young person. So, if you decided to omit doing homework tasks because you were invited to a party, it’s better to say that you were not able to build an appropriate time table.
  • Add details. As we already mentioned, saying that you just felt unwell doesn’t work, but saying that you’ve had a lot of stress recently and were not able to focus on anything can work. The same thing is with other homework excuses, such as “my laptop collapsed”: you can say that you noticed that it glitches from time to time but you didn’t think that it would break. Therefore, you need some time to repair it and you are really sorry that you could not predicted such a situation.
  • Ask for a second chance. Apologizing for not doing the task if you are not going to do it at all is useless. Show your teacher that you are interested in improving your scores. Say that you need more time and you understand that your scores won’t be the same as other students who handed in the papers on time have. Also, you should say that you are interested in the teacher’s evaluation to understand your mistakes and not repeat them in the future.
  • Don’t do this often. You are likely to understand on your own that you won’t appear a credible student if you use excuses for homework regularly. Therefore, try to do it only in the most important cases. Otherwise, no one believes any of your excuses.
  • Show that you are really sorry. You should explain that you feel miserable for such an action. You should say that you’ll try to manage your time better. The important thing that you should take into account is that you need to make it clear that you are sorry for not completing the task instead of saying that you are sorry for not getting scores.
  • Cover up traces. If you haven’t completed your task because you went out with your friends or something else of this nature, we are begging you not to share the photos of your activities on social media. Teachers also have accounts and sometimes they look through their students’ accounts. So, your lies can easily be revealed. Try to cover up traces as much as you can.

statistics on plausible excuses in homework

Example of the Email for Not Submitting the Homework on Time

If you study online and have missed the homework deadline, contact your teacher or professor as soon as possible. Email is the best way to inform the teacher about your failure (no phone calls or messages except if your teacher prefers such communication). If you are a college student, typically, it’s required to inform the faculty about any lateness.

Here is a sample of an email that you can reuse for your email:

Subject: Apology for not submitting homework on time

Dear [Teacher’s Name],

I am writing this email to express my sincere apologies for not being able to submit the homework on time. I understand my mistake and am truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.
I am aware that my actions were highly unprofessional and irresponsible. As a diligent student, I understand the importance of timely submission of assignments. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control prevented me from completing the assigned task.

I have been battling a persistent flu for the past week, which has caused me to miss out on several classes. In addition to this, I had to take care of some urgent family matters that required my immediate attention. I failed to manage my time effectively and prioritize my responsibilities, which led to the lack of completion of the task. I acknowledge the significance of meeting deadlines and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. I am committed to taking the appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of this situation and to ensure that I meet all the requirements and expectations of the course. Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

The Contingency Plan

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