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An Essay About School Uniform Sample

Should Uniforms Be Forbidden in Schools?

The implementation of uniforms in school has caused much debate. Some parents refuse to comply with this policy requiring their children to wear uniforms. However, the rate of school-related issues has shed light on the importance of the mandated policy. Uniforms should not be forbidden in schools due to their help in promoting discipline in students, reducing the expenses of parents on their children’s clothes, encouraging equality, and abolishing hierarchical discrimination among all students.

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A major benefit of uniform implementation in schools is promoting discipline to students. The Department of Education in the US claimed that a secure and disciplined community is a necessity for a competent foundation and that “several parents, educators, and school administrators have observed that school uniforms is a favorable and innovative method to minimize disciplinary issues and improve safety in the institution” (Demitchell and Fossey 56). Students may be able to learn to abide by rules from a young age, which helps nurture peace and order in the community.

Furthermore, some parents and guardians approve uniforms due to them being able to lessen their expenses, especially in areas where students are excitedly following new fashion trends (Billy 5). Instead of purchasing school clothing monthly, weekly, or even daily, a wiser decision which could largely decrease the expenses of parents would be to purchase sets of uniforms that could be worn for the rest of the year. With uniforms, students would no longer have to worry about repeating the same outfit, or coordinating with the latest fashion trends. Consequently, according to one parent who has spent $100 on school uniforms in a span of two years, she has been able to lessen her expenses, and despite the institution having to require school robes, utilizing the uniform and having it rented for others to use is a possibility (71).

Another thing that cannot be avoided in school is the formation of hierarchies and the eventual discrimination towards peers. The display of material things, particularly clothing, creates a hierarchy among students in school. Until these learning grounds own a uniform shop, located in affluent private institutions, nearly all clothes will be branded (Bailey 104). Mandating uniforms in school will encourage the idea of equality for students, and will uplift them to treat others justly and with humility. In the event that they begin wearing similar, unlabeled clothing, the hierarchical discrimination among peers may be significantly reduced.

Ultimately, mandating uniforms could teach students to abide by the rules at a young age. Also, it could help parents save money from purchasing clothes for their children, especially ones who are keeping up with the fashion trends. Another benefit is that it engages students to understand and practice the idea of equality and the value of humility among their peers. In summation, uniforms should not be forbidden in schools because it promotes discipline to students, decreases the expenses of parents on their children’s clothes, and encourages equality, abolishing hierarchical discrimination among all students.

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