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Treasure Island Essay on Jim’s Feelings

Treasure Island essay

This Treasure Island essay, of course, can help you to come up with your own ideas for writing. Treasure Island by R.L. Stevenson is a adventure novel. The plot of the novel is filled with a lot of adventures and unusual events, in which the characters once in a time threatened with death, but unexpectedly, a miraculous salvation comes. The events of R. Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island are connected with the map of the legendary Captain Flint, who owned countless riches. Billy Bones was a navigator for Captain Flint on his ship “Walrus,” when Flint hid his gold on one of the islands.
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Romanticism in The Last of Mohicans Essay

The Last of Mohicans essay

In The Last of Mohicans essay, our writer shows how literature essays should be written. In The Last of the Mohicans, Cooper shows the brutality of the colonialists exterminating the Indians, truthfully depicts the savagery and “vampirism” of certain Indian tribes. However, the process of colonization is reproduced and evaluated in this novel by Cooper, as it were from the standpoint of the colonist-Englishman, who contributed to the creation of the United States of America.

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The Role of Rain in A Farewell to Arms Essay

A Farewell to Arms essay

We have prepared a good example of A Farewell to Arms essay for you. In “A Farewell to Arms!” Hemingway first widely uses the keynote. The image of rain, like a monotonously sad melody, accompanies the whole narrative – right up to the last page, where the main character of the novel Henry after the death of Katherine goes to his hotel in the rain. “Key word” of the novel as a whole, a lot contributes to the creation of the necessary tonality.

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Madame Bovary Essay On Selfishness


By reading through the following Madame Bovary essay you will get your own ideas for your paper. In Flaubert’s novel, few of the characters deserve sympathy. We are ambiguous even to Emma. And there are more unpleasant characters as Rodolphe and Leon, who betrayed her, without even coming to the funeral of the “beloved” woman. We write “beloved” in quotes, as Emma, who longed for it, never experienced this feeling in her life. Realizing this, she decides to end her life. Repulsive images of her beloved do not cause any positive emotions in the reader. This is especially true of the image of Rodolphe.

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Robinson Crusoe Essay On The Conflicts


The following Robinson Crusoe essay contains the answer to the stated question. The composition of the novel “Robinson Crusoe” is an open structure of the chronicle and concentric type that forms the plot of the work in a self-narrative memoir form. This is basically a composition of direct time, however with a certain amount of retrospective, especially in the island part. A special feature of the novel is also the change of compositional techniques and forms of composition: from biography, adventure novel, memoirs, diary to a fictional manner.

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And Then There Were None Essay Sample

And Then There Were None essay

In order to mitigate your writing process, read through the following And Then There Were None essay. It was written be a professional writer. You can’t present it as your own essay. “And then there were none” is completely different from most entertaining detectives created based on the series about Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, which viewers are not serious about because they clearly have nothing to do with reality.

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War And Peace Essay on Women Images


This War And Peace essay stands out from other samples. You can see it if you read it through. Great Russian writers of the XIX century, creating positive female images, always emphasized not on the perfect features of the face or beauty of the body, but on the wealth of the inner world of their heroines, which inspires their appearance. The same artistic principle in the creation of female images of the novel was used by L.N. Tolstoy. Female images in the novel “War and Peace” play an important role. They not only determine the behavior of the main characters, but also have an independent meaning.

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Bartleby The Scrivener Essay Sample

Bartleby The Scrivener essay

We offer you to read through our Bartleby The Scrivener essay presented below. The first form of power belongs to the narrator. His competence includes dismissing, hiring, commanding subordinates, etc. But the second, more powerful in my opinion, is the power of the word, belongs to the mysterious Bartleby. This is obvious, although it is likely that in the future it will not be so easy to decide whose power is stronger. It seems to me that the power here is represented not in two hypostases, but in three.

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Walden Essay on Transcendental Philosophy


We offer you to read through the Walden essay absolutely free. “Walden or Life in the Forest” is not just a record of the time lived in the forest. In a complex artistic and philosophical form, the author’s worldview is revealed in the treatise, outlining the elements of his cosmology, the concept of nature and man, a view of society and the progress of civilization. The range of artistic and philosophical methods applied by Thoreau is striking: from sensationalistic to a highly abstract, symbolic interpretation of reality.

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Moby Dick Essay Sample


The Moby Dick essay that you will find below is presented only for viewing. The novel “Moby Dick, or White Whale” (1851) stands at the center of the writer’s work. This is a masterpiece, moreover, it is a synthesis of all the ideological and artistic experience of American romantic prose. “Moby Dick” is an adventure, sea, whaling, social, fantastic, moral, epic and philosophical novel at the same time. Moreover, one here can not be separated from the other; the text does not break up into adventure, fantasy, moral and philosophical pieces, but is a kind of monolith in which different types of narration intertwine and sprout through each other.

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