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“Pride and Prejudice” Essay Topics for Any Type of Writing


“Pride and Prejudice” Essay Topics for a Successful Writing Experience

Today, the name Jane Austen is familiar to the vast majority of people from developed countries. Almost certainly, you will hear about the frivolity of “Pride and Prejudice” from lazy people who will find themselves a hundred excuses not to start reading any book. If you are interested in writing an essay on this work of literature, then you should check out our “Pride and Prejudice” essay topics.

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Brave New World Essay – Sexes


This Brave New World essay reveals the meaning the novel. The conflict in the dystopia “Brave New World” is not only a dispute between the old and the new worldview. This is a confrontation between the two answers to the eternal question: “Does the good end justify any means?”. Mustafa Mond (embodiment of the ideologist of the New World) believes that for the sake of happiness, one can sacrifice freedom, art, individuality and faith. Savage, on the contrary, wants to renounce saving stability for the sake of all this, he believes that it is not worth it.

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A Full Selection of “Animal Farm” Paper Topics to Inspire Your Writing


61 “Animal Farm” Paper Topics That Won’t Leave You Indifferent

George Orwell (real name Eric Arthur Blair) is mostly known for his novels “Animal Farm” and “1984.” These books are the most vivid works written in the genre of dystopia. “Animal Farm” is a novella that shows the evolution of animal society, from complete freedom after the expulsion of the previous farm owner, to the dictatorship of the character Napoleon. As the writer became an observer of the political events of the early 20th century, it resulted in the metaphorical story of the life of society in conditions of totalitarianism.

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Wuthering Heights Essay – Pairs in the Book

Wuthering Heights essay

The “Wuthering Heights” essay is presented only for viewing. The plot of this unusual novel at first glance does not represent anything complicated. There are two estates, two opposites: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. The first personifies anxiety, rough and unconscious feelings, the second is a harmonious existence, a home of cosiness. In the center of the narrative, there is a truly romantic figure, a character without past – Heathcliff.

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“Antigone” Essay Topics for Analysis and Writing

Sophocles’ tragedy “Antigone” is written on the mythological plot of the Theban cycle. It is not part of a trilogy like the works of Aeschylus, but it is a complete work. In “Antigone” Sophocles shows the contradictions between divine laws and the arbitrariness of man and puts divine laws above all. In the world’s heritage of literature, there are a number of outstanding works that we rightly consider to be masterpieces, and the names of their authors have long become legend. Among these exceptional creations, “Antigone” by Sophocles stands out, and is often included in the repertoire of modern theaters.

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Vanity Fair Essay – Image of Women


If you don’t know how to write your essay, you can change this situation if you read through the following “Vanity Fair” essay. The path of both main characters of the novel begins in the same educational institution. But one of them enjoys love and respect, but the other is an orphan. The first is Emilia Sedley, the second Rebecca Sharp.

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Top 146 Sociology Research Paper Topics 2018


146 Great Sociology Research Paper Topics

It would not be a mistake to say that many people today associate the word “sociology” mainly with television programs, pages of newspapers, or internet sites, where they are informed about the results of sociological polls conducted on particular problems. However, sociology as a science is by no means limited only to them.

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin Essay on Religion


We are going to present you an “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” essay. Each line of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” includes a religious and mystical feeling. This is a book that was written by a Protestant preacher. This is not accidental. Beechers are rightly considered one of the most famous American families of the 19th century. The children of Beecher revealed their talents in the field of religion, religious and cultural enlightenment, the struggle to abolish slavery, and women’s rights. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is a cultural monument of the USA of the 19th century.

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Draw Your Attention to the Following “Beowulf” Topics


Apply the Following “Beowulf” Topics to Your Writing

The only existing manuscript of “Beowulf” dates back to around 1000 years. But the epopee itself, according to most experts, dates back to the end of the 7th or the first third of the 8th century. At that time the Anglo-Saxons were already experiencing the beginning process of the origin of feudal ties. The poem, however, is inherent in epic archaizing.

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The Three Musketeers Essay – Main Characters


Our “The Three Musketeers” essay is most helpful for those who don’t know how to write their own papers. It is unlikely that anyone will dispute the fact that the most famous adventure novel of all time is “The Three Musketeers.” Aramis is cunning even with friends, although sensitive enough. Despite the disagreement and reconciliation between the four friends during the trilogy, d’Artagnan could not reconcile in the end only with Aramis. Athos is the oldest among musketeers, plays the role of fatherly mentor for them.

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