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Most Popular Collected Environment Essay Topics

environment essay topics

The topic of the environment nowadays has to be spoken of daily. Unfortunately, despite the fight against disaster, there are more and more problems. An essay on the environment will help anyone to imagine what can be done. This article presents environment essay topics. After all, you can be assigned such topics for any subject related to the environment.

School essays on ecology, the environment, and the attitude of man towards nature are very important. The future depends on the state of the world in 20, 50, and 100 years. Before solving the current problem, it is better to plunge into the past. Classical literature will help, where the authors describe the environment of their time.

In any of these books you can read that people enjoyed the beauty of nature, the singing of birds, and the clean water and air. Who among them could have thought that in a few centuries everything would be different? The essay on the topic of the environment is recommended to be stated with interest, so that there is a benefit. How can you do so?

Senior students are already familiar with the environment, and imagine the problem. But why not include a child’s imagination? One must be able to treat life simply, carefully. It will be boring to write simply an essay on the generic theme of the environment. What is the point of endlessly talking about the scale of the catastrophe, if you can already make plans for the future and embody them?

As stated, the restoration of ecology begins with small things – the destruction of garbage, and not nature. An essay on the environment should be written with a plan. What will you talk about? If only about the love of nature, then you need to draw conclusions, such as: how will I act in this case? An essay on the topic of environmental problems can affect specifically man-made disasters, global pollution of water and air, as well as what consequences have resulted: ozone holes, the greenhouse effect, weather anomalies, and drainage of water bodies.

Unfortunately, it’s all getting worse. Despite the fact that nature reserves are being created, nature continues to reduce its resources. You can see how little precipitation fell in Europe. As you know, evaporation from the surface of the earth forms clouds, then rain is spilled. At present, little water is left, and there is almost nothing to evaporate – that’s why there is not enough water, or precipitation. Can a person solve such a problem? An essay on the environment is an occasion for reflection for the younger generation.

An essay on the problems of ecology is often assigned to children at school. This is very important, because boys and girls, when expressing their thoughts, begin to understand the importance of the problem of poor ecology and learn how to help nature preserve beauty and purity. The modern problems of ecology have wide scales. Mishandling natural resources and the issue of preserving the environment concern everyone. That is why writing such an essay will not cause problems. Environment essay topics are inexhaustible.

Environment Essay Topics

  1. The interaction of society and nature as a system.
  2. Interrelation of the natural environment and human health.
  3. The interconnection of the systems of human technology, human culture, and human nature.
  4. The relationship between environmental and demographic problems.
  5. The global nature of environmental problems.
  6. Pollution of the natural environment, sources, and measures of struggle and protection.
  7. Laws and principles of social ecology.
  8. Foreign experience of nature management.
  9. Health and radiation.
  10. Quality of life and quality of the environment.
  11. Local, regional, and global levels of environmental problems.
  12. International legal protection of the environment.
  13. Hereditary diseases, environment, and lifestyle.
  14. Noosphere: the society of intelligent activity.
  15. Moral attitude to nature.
  16. Relation to nature in world religions (such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc.).
  17. Political ecology.
  18. Legal aspects of ecology in the USA.
  19. Legal basis of nature management.
  20. Problems of environmental education.
  21. Industrial pollution of the environment.
  22. Experience of non-state environmental movements.
  23. Rational nature management is the road to cooperation between man and nature.
  24. The role of mass media in the formation of ecological culture.
  25. Social function of ecology.
  26. Social and ecological responsibility.
  27. Theories of environmental protection (in the example of a specific theoretical approach).
  28. Theory of environmental safety and measures to protect the population.
  29. Ecologization of legal relations.
  30. Production of ecologization.
  31. Environmental safety and environmental risks.
  32. Ecological culture.
  33. Environmental ethics.
  34. Ecological movements: domestic and foreign experience.
  35. Ecological catastrophes of the twentieth century.
  36. Environmental problems of mankind.
  37. Environmental values and environmental needs.
  38. Ecological crisis and the possibilities of its solution.
  39. Ecological education.
  40. Ecological consciousness.
  41. Ecology of the city (factors of the urban environment, how it affects the life of citizens).
  42. Ecology and health of society.
  43. Ecology and economics.
  44. Eco-man: the features of the formation of personal qualities.

This is only a part of the questions that can be covered in the essay. In fact, there are many options for writing on the topic of the environment. The essay must be written in the right order, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is necessary to include imagination and write the essay beautifully and competently. An essay should be written with the experiences and ideas of preserving the environment. A plan will help with this, which can be as follows:

  • Introduction. Here it is necessary to describe the problem of ecology in general terms.
  • Main body. This part of the essay should be divided into sub-items. They can be:
    ◦ Why the world has bad ecology.
    ◦ How a person affects the pollution of the environment.
    ◦ What can be done to preserve natural gifts.
    ◦ What specific actions will help to prevent an ecological catastrophe.
  • The conclusion. In this section, you should briefly tell that it is possible to preserve nature if every person thinks about this question and does everything possible for it.

Such a plan will help you to detail the topic, and you will receive a high grade and praise from the teacher. Such tasks can be assigned to even children of the first classes. After all, the topic of ecological problems concerns everyone, both adults and children. Of course, everyone will be able to bring his or her ideas and corrections into this creative task. Children of secondary school can also ask to write an essay on the topic of ecology. An environment essay is a serious task, on which the final grade may depend; therefore, it is necessary to approach it with responsibility.

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