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How to Write a Theater Review by Yourself

how to write a theater review

A theatrical review is the most popular genre of theatrical criticism, the purpose of which is a story about the play. The review should be devoted to the play. If you want to know how to write a theater review, it is necessary to “feel” the play, understanding the director and his or her concept, which is embodied through mise-en-scenes, actors, scenography, and musical accompaniment.

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Find Out More on Book Reviews in APA Style


If you are keen on books, you’ll probably be glad to write a book review. But still, you can face some difficulties when dealing with the format and structure. And if you hate books, you should still be aware of how to write one, as it is one of the possible assignments you can get. There are different formats that fit for this kind of work. In this article, we are going to tell you about how to write a book review APA style, as it is one of the most popular writing styles. Check out our book review questionnaire.

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The Best Book Review Questionnaire to Succeed in Writing


Writing book reviews is a useful skill for more than just good grades in college or in school. For example, you can actually earn money for your reviews if they are published somewhere. You need to know the structure of this kind of writing and the general principals for making a captivating text. Today, we will start with book review questions to answer. It is an essential part of writing a brilliant review, as you need to know what to pay attention to while reading. We have divided our book review questionnaire into several parts according to the aspects they reveal. Continue reading

Let Your Opinion Be Heard with Proper Book Review Format


If you are a bookworm or just fascinated with a particular book, sometimes you would like to share your thoughts about literature. Nowadays, all of us have such an opportunity due to the Internet. You can write comments about the books you read on forums. And yet, you would not be sure that somebody actually viewed your comments. Perhaps the best time is now to make sure that you are heard. Try to write serious book reviews that would be interesting to your audience. And, we will tell you everything you need to know about book review format.

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An American Tragedy Summary Sample

Summary Sample

Is Clyde’s downfall a result of the American economic system with social inequality?

When I was reading “An American Tragedy” by Theodore Dreiser, I had a feeling, that the “American dream” and “American tragedy” are synonyms. Step by step, while I was reading, I understood the meaning of this concept – this is the American economic system with social inequality. The main hero – Clyde Griffiths is an ordinary man who grew up in a poor family: “They were too impractical and too poor — his mother, father, Esta, all of them”(Eksmo, 2010, p.112). He dreamed to escape from his milieu. I think that in the society, which is built on equal opportunities, not on the economic inequality, Clyde could have a chance to make his dream come true. Continue reading

The Golden Rules for Writing Book Reviews

Writing Reviews

Remember about the following rules for writing reviews:

Choosing a Book

Since writing a review takes a considerable amount of time, select a book that will be useful to you twice, for both publication and as research. Choose a book that is in your field, is on a topic in which you have significant background knowledge, and has been published by a reputable publisher in recent years. Continue reading