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10 Best Women’s Colleges

Best Women’s Colleges

Today, young women have a great number of options. There are hundreds of good colleges to choose from. If you are interested in a women college, check out the list below.

There are literary thousands of colleges to pick from and choosing a college can be a challenge. Many women are opting for all women’s colleges. There are many advantages to attending a women’s college. Students in all women’s colleges develop higher levels of self-esteem than do their coed counterparts. Without the domination of male role models and gender expectations, these students thrive and are happy.

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5 Common Myths about Choosing a College

Choosing a College

21 million students attended college in the United States in 2014. Choosing a college is one of the hardest choices you’ll ever make. Check out these myths before you decide.


I have to go to college to get a good job.
You have to go to college to get some well-paid jobs. If you want to become a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, college is a must. But if you are interested in making a living using your hands, entering into technical training after high school is a better investment. Trade schools offer different programs for high school students and graduates. There are also several very good technical schools and other training programs (boat making, carpentry, etc.) Remember that colleges are trying to get your tuition payments, and they won’t inform you about other available options.

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Check Out the Washington College Stereotypes!

Washington College Stereotypes

Washington is a boring land of clouds and evergreens. For high school students that can’t escape to warmer climates, the task of choosing a school in Washington is difficult. However, finding the right public university doesn’t have to be chancy. Here are the stereotypical students at each university: the University of Washington, Washington State University, and Western Washington University. If you resemble one of the college stereotypes, you will probably fit in fine. Continue reading

America’s Ugliest College Campuses

College is about developing your inner beauty, and that’s a good thing. College exteriors are sometimes nice, often plain, and are occasionally really ugly. Below are the worst college campuses in the United States in appearance.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT, founded in 1881, suffers from a mishmash of architectural styles. One building looks like a cosmetics factory festooned with red umbrellas. Another looks like a rainbow of Lincoln Logs. Still another was a former asylum for orphans. And so on — with zero cohesion. Continue reading