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A Great Dreams Essay Example You Wanted to Read

The Dark Dreams of David Lynch

Early in David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive, the narrative breaks away from the story of a woman escaping a murder attempt and centers on two men eating at a diner called Winkie’s. One of the men nervously tells the other about a recurring nightmare he’s having, in which they’re at this same diner together, scared of something evil living behind the Winkie’s. When the nervous man finishes, the two investigate behind the diner, hoping to dispel the nightmare.

essays about dreams

Photo by mila-del-monte from Pixabay

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An Essay About School Uniform Sample

Should Uniforms Be Forbidden in Schools?

The implementation of uniforms in school has caused much debate. Some parents refuse to comply with this policy requiring their children to wear uniforms. However, the rate of school-related issues has shed light on the importance of the mandated policy. Uniforms should not be forbidden in schools due to their help in promoting discipline in students, reducing the expenses of parents on their children’s clothes, encouraging equality, and abolishing hierarchical discrimination among all students.

schools uniforms essayPhoto by DerWeg from Pixabay

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Teenage Pregnancy Essay Example

Maternity is one of the most responsible parts of a woman’s life, yet not every woman maintains this role. It does not matter what occupation a woman chooses; she makes the right choice. It is spoken in many essays on teen pregnancy that in any case, when a young woman decides to become pregnant and have a baby, it is a prominent choice she makes in her life. Indeed, the woman’s will should not be forced by social dogmas as in some cultures where parents marry their kids before legal age.

teenage pregnancy essays

Photo by Bgmphotografia from Pixabay

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Effective Sample of an Essay on Graffiti for Students

Graffiti is one of the most controversial types of art in our time. Even if an artist makes beautiful murals, there are a lot of people who don’t support this creative expression. In the next graffiti essay sample, everyone can find new interpretations from famous art critics, such as Lisa Hochtritt, Ricardo Campos, and Andrea Baldini.

Essay on Graffiti

Photo from Depositphotos

Reading essay samples is a beneficial process that expands students’ knowledge on any discipline. When you get an assignment from your teacher to write an essay on graffiti, you can compare your sources with those the author used. This subject is very inspiring for students who want to develop their knowledge of modern art trends and critically analyze everything about art. Continue reading

Kpop Essay Sample on Its Sensational Popularity

K-pop (Korean pop music) is nothing new to the global audience, but now, with the emergence of global K-pop groups such as BTS and BLACKPINK, this genre of music is becoming more and more popular.

K-pop is a generic name given to music from South Korea.

Kpop is a global phenomenon that invaded modern culture with the speed of light. It seems that the popularity of Korean culture began not only in visual and musical art, but in Korean cosmetics five years ago. Actually, Kpop takes its roots from the year 1992, and thanks to the bands Seo Taiji and Boys, we have become familiar with modern and unique Korean-style popular music. The history of how Korean popular music influenced the whole world is a great topic for an essay about Kpop.

essay about Kpop

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Art Essay Sample – Abstractionism

 Art Essay Sample

Does an artist need talent to create abstractionist pictures?

Art is one of many platforms through which a person can express themselves. Ideas, ideology and beliefs can be put on display to convey a message or feeling. When there is no attempt for the art to represent external reality or physical objects, it may be considered abstract. Art is different things to different people and one painting or sculpture can induce varying feelings amongst its spectators. Therefore, talent in the context of abstractionism is not necessary, as it is relative to this specific art form.

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Best Writing Title Exercises to Help You

Best Writing Titles

Wondering how to write a good title for your essay? Here are some of the best practical pieces of advice to turn you into a brilliant title creator!

A title is the part of your work that gives the first impression to your reader. Of course, everybody wants that impression to be really strong, but writing titles is not an easy task. Why do students dislike writing conclusions? Because summarizing is so hard and there’s always so much you want to add! Or maybe you feel like you’ve already said what is needed to be said, and there’s no use of writing a summary. Titles are even harder: you have to present your work and make it interesting for the reader not in a paragraph, but in a simple and short sentence.

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The Best Tips on How to Study Without Getting Bored

How to Study

Distractions while studying is not the end of the world. However, you should know that studying can be interesting if you know tips on how to study without getting bored.

Almost all students start getting bored right after holding a book or even the minute they decide to study. But don’t worry! Studying is fun when you convince yourself that it’s fun and when you understand that it will be beneficial for you more than anything else. Here are some tips for studying that will prevent getting bored.

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