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Best Writing Title Exercises to Help You

Best Writing Titles

Wondering how to write a good title for your essay? Here are some of the best practical pieces of advice to turn you into a brilliant title creator!

A title is the part of your work that gives the first impression to your reader. Of course, everybody wants that impression to be really strong, but writing titles is not an easy task. Why do students dislike writing conclusions? Because summarizing is so hard and there’s always so much you want to add! Or maybe you feel like you’ve already said what is needed to be said, and there’s no use of writing a summary. Titles are even harder: you have to present your work and make it interesting for the reader not in a paragraph, but in a simple and short sentence.

Finding an Engaging Title

You might have thought that creating a good title requires some great talent, but actually what you need is practice. And these are the exercises that will turn you into a person who comes up with clever and eye-catching titles:

1) First of all, you need to remember the main functions of a title. It has to catch the reader’s attention, give him or her a hint of the information in the essay or report; and it has to contain keywords, so anybody can easily find it on the Internet. Keep this in mind like an obligatory checklist on “how to write a good title.” And ask yourself each time you have to design a title: “Does my title gives a hint of the problem I will be talking about?” and so on.

2) Secondly, you need to do some exercises. Understanding the basic functions of a title is good, but it’s theoretical, and you’ll never work out how to write a title without actually creating dozens of them. Some students find it entertaining entertaining to engage in contests for writing titles. So what are these exercises?

  • Practice writing various types of titles. You can even write a list of adjectives related to titles, and write an example for each of them. For instance, try writing short, long, emotional, neutral, and other titles you can think of.
  • Try creating a title using a limited amount of words (less than 7 word titles). This will teach you how to write a good title regardless of how many space you have (a useful exercise for formalized writing, where you are actually limited in space).
  • Write all sorts of titles that contradict what you are saying in your essay, that are a lie or nonsense. You won’t use them, but they will help you to think ousidet of the box and come up with an idea of a really bright title.
  • Practice writing titles using different grammatical approaches. Write an -ing title, a title starting with a verb, then a noun, then a pronoun, or a title that begins with a wh- question word. You can even ask your friends to give you tasks while you are training.

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