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How to Create a Homework Chart With a Schedule Quickly

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Jackson Brown once said: “Do not say that you do not have time. You have exactly the same time as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Pasteur, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein.” We all perfectly understand that time is the most valuable resource. In order to achieve success, you need to be able to distribute everything you need to do competently throughout the day. And it is desirable to learn this from childhood. Therefore, a homework chart with a timetable should be created with the focus on what you can do at home. We really hope that this will help students to increase their grades and to get spare time for themselves.

Schedules are an important part of life. Using a homework chart with a schedule, we not only can distribute our time, but also reduce stress, evaluate our progress in the performance of work, and prepare ourselves for unforeseen events. It does not matter if you create a to-do list or plan an event. Whatever you do, the schedule will help you to follow your goals and not lose sight of anything.

A template is the easiest way to create a schedule. In this article, you will find a description of the best schedule templates for the day, week, and month in Excel, as well as step-by-step instructions for finding templates suitable for your tasks and customizing them. However, you can also use the schedule template in Smartsheet, a tool for managing spreadsheet-based work that allows you to create schedules faster than Excel, while offering more formatting options and collaboration options.

Download the Schedule Template

In Excel, you can find a large number of schedule templates, including monthly, weekly, and timetable schedules. These templates already contain formatting, so you only need to add your data to them. How do you know which of the available schedule templates are the easiest to use? We have already viewed the existing templates and found the best schedule templates for Excel.

Which Schedule Template to Use

So, you’ve selected the schedule that suits you. This can be a schedule for a day, a week, or a month. Now you need to define the structure and the type of duration (Monday-Friday or Saturday-Sunday), and configure the settings for granting access and printing. All these factors should be taken into account, so choosing which template to use may not be so easy. When looking for a suitable template, pay attention to the following:

  • Time interval or duration of the schedule. First of all, you need to determine what schedule you need: a day, a week, or a month. The daily schedule is the only template that contains the duration in hours (at intervals of 30 minutes). The duration of the schedule for the week is a breakdown for the morning, day, and evening. The template for the month contains a minimal degree of detail – the duration is measured in days. Choosing the right template type depends on the events, tasks, and projects that you want to track using the schedule. For example, if you need to structure a list of tasks or meetings, the daily schedules are best suited. If you want to track longer tasks or recurring events, you need a template that covers a larger time span.
  • Who will use this schedule? Think about who will have access to your schedule. Will this document only be for you? Where will you track your personal tasks? Is it a schedule of homework and tasks that you plan to print out and attach to the refrigerator in the kitchen or send an email to your family members? Or is it a document that you will use at work, and your colleagues will be able to use and edit it? If you plan to provide access to a document for more than one person, we recommend that you find an online version of this template so that you can more easily share, collaborate, and edit the document in real time. If this is your personal document, make sure that you find the template with the most suitable customization options and printing capabilities for your tasks.
  • What events and projects need to be monitored? The template can serve as a homework tracker. You can choose the level of detail for the duration of your schedule, but you also need to determine what details to add to your template, and the number of items that the template should display. To understand how complex and detailed your events or projects will be, write down on a sheet of paper several events that you plan to add to the schedule. Specify all the details that you want to mark in the schedule (task name, details, person responsible for execution, deadline, location, contact details, etc.). This exercise will help to understand how much space you can find on your schedule. If only the top level of detail is sufficient, you can use the schedule for a month. If you are tracking several tasks every day, you should consider using the schedule template for the day.

Basic ways of using the template:

  • School and university scheduling. The class schedule is a great way to view all of all your classes. You can quickly fill out the schedule with information about subjects such as the name of the subject, the size of the audience, and the time of the classes, and thus better manage your time during the week.
  • Homework tracker. Organize a list of your assignments. To do this, print the schedule template for the week and fill it with daily tasks, such as writing an essay, solving math problems, doing a project, etc.
  • Schedule shifts of employees. With the help of scheduling shifts of employees you will always be sure that employees go to work on the correct schedule. Assign working hours for each employee and determine their workplace or position (manager, cashier, technical support, reception). You can even add a column with the production of hours per week for each employee.
  • Travel itinerary. With the itinerary for a week, you will never miss an airplane, train, or bus. Keep track of departure and arrival locations, flight numbers, airport locations, hotel room reservations, and much more. All the important data will be in one place, and you will not be late anywhere.
  • Project timetable. Coordinate tasks, outcomes, timelines, executors, and other elements of the project using the project schedule. Make sure that your project will be completed on time, and manage the allocation of resources.

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