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How Homework Causes Depression and Stress

how homework causes depression

In accordance with clinical observations of recent years, childhood and adolescent depression have become an important part of child psychopathology. Depression in children directly affects their sensitivity and its manifestations are associated with the psychosomatic sphere and the world of childhood psychoses. In addition, it accompanies many physical diseases, hiding under various behavioral disorders, and is accompanied by learning disabilities and school failures. Many students believe that too much homework can cause stress. Let’s consider this statement.

The Role of School in Your Life

Excessive frequency or repetition of unpleasant experiences that accumulate in fear can lead a child to depressive behavior, aggravation of the situation of helplessness, and insecurity. In the context of the functioning of a child or adolescent in school, these experiences are an important element in the development of a person growing up. From the first minutes you can see the quality of a child’s functioning, the ability to motivate or lack thereof, relationships with peers, teachers, etc. But does homework cause depression in reality?

Keep in mind that the school is the second most important place of development, after the family environment, for the student. There, he or she spends a significant part of the time during the day, establishes contacts, gets experience, learns, gets to know the world, etc. The school is a very important element of a young person’s life, so the atmosphere in this place is so important and provides students with a sense of security.

From early childhood difficulties appear in a person’s life. Overcoming them helps development. Already in the early youth, personality traits which are characteristic for each child develop. Some children are more sociable and addicted to being around others. This allows them to quickly acclimatize in a group. Others develop such traits as shyness, lack of communication, secrecy, and avoidance of conflicts. Such qualities hamper the establishment of new contacts and the adaptation to new situations.

How School and Homework Affect the Risk of Depression

School, like the family, is a significant “pathogenic” factor. After all, small children spend most of the day at desks. And getting into the kindergarten is for many of them a great emotional shock. Later, when they get to school, they experience uncertainty and stress with negative consequences, causing difficulties in learning and in relations with some colleagues, and lack of motivation and trust in oneself. The decline in school results after the first three to four years is one of the best indicators of the possible appearance of depressive disorders.

In a sense, school failures are comparable to those of adults. It has long been proven that school failures can cause the appearance of depressive behavior in childhood. The school is a natural environment in which the child self-affirms through science, a place where he or she integrates with people like him or herself and the community in which approval is sought from teachers and classmates. And school lessons block many of these functions, and in addition, have adverse consequences for the child’s health.

According to experts, the school, with its obsession for increasing academic performance, greatly enhances the fear of failure, which is considered the main cause of helplessness, problems with socialization, and some depressive symptoms. A large number of extracurricular activities take too much free time from children and young people.

Causes of Student Depression

Among the many causes of depression associated with the functioning of the child in the school environment, we can specify the following:

  • The teacher-student relationship (rejection of the child by the teacher, lack of reinforcement of positive results with simultaneous presence of negative reinforcements, etc.).
  • Failures in school (lack of interest in school lessons, worsening of results).
  • Demands of parents exceeding the child’s possibilities, expectations from the child of the realization of their unfulfilled dreams, and imposition of their will.
  • Bad relations with peers (disapproval from peers, a sense of loneliness, aggressive behavior).
  • Low self-esteem of the child (lack of belief in one’s own abilities).
  • A traumatic experience (although it affects the overall functioning of the child, it will certainly affect his or her functioning in the school environment).
  • Overloading with excessive quantity of lessons at school.

Problems Associated With Schooling

The learning period is a very important time for a young person. The school becomes a place where the child learns, develops new social contacts, learns about personal abilities, and develops internal interests. During schooling, children are exposed to a number of difficulties. School problems can cause a lot of internal problems, which, in turn, can cause depression in children.

The first visits to the school are a serious cause of stress in the student’s life. Even if the kid still went to kindergarten, this change in place and policy environment becomes a difficult task. Stress caused by this event can affect the deterioration of the child’s mood and cause reluctance to attend school. The role of parents is very important at this time. They provide the child with support and a sense of security.

Conversations with the child and showing understanding of its complexities give a chance to improve the situation. Leaving the child alone with his or her problems can cause a deepening of problems. Children suffering from mental disorders have emotional problems. The position of the parents in relation to these first difficulties is of great importance in the formation of the child’s self-confidence and the formation of views. A child who has support from parents will, in later life, more effectively cope with difficulties than a child who does not receive this help.

Depression in children is caused, first of all, by external factors and has other reasons than depression in adults. Depressive disorders have their own cause in the child’s contact with the environment and family problems. Often parents do not pay attention to such changes to the mood of the child, associating them with age.

Problems in school are very complex for a young person. Regardless of whether they are caused by the pressure of teachers, problems in science, lack of recognition by classmates, or excessive demands of parents, all this leads to the appearance of many heavy emotions. Changes associated with the action of hormones, and body growth and other changes deepen the negative feelings of the young child and raise each difficulty to the rank of an insoluble problem.

For adults, such difficulties may seem trite, but for a teenager this is really a hopeless situation. The appearance of problems in school can lead to a deterioration in mood and the appearance of regular difficulties. A young person may not see a solution to this situation and try to reduce internal tension. A common way to deal with difficulties is for a youth to inflict personal harm. Its terrible manifestation is self-mutilation. It is aimed at reducing internal pain through physical suffering.

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