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6 Types of Students Based on FRIENDS: Attitude to Homework

Homework is a sore subject for each student and it is often discussed in many blogs. In this article, we are trying to puzzle out how homework was invented and what homework means for different types of students. Also, we will provide each type of student with useful recommendations. Check out which type of student you are and get our advice below!

Who Founded Homework?

It is almost impossible to find out who was the first teacher to give homework to students. The popular version is that this person is a teacher from Venice who was called Roberto Nevilis at the end of the 11th century. However, this version can’t be rebutted or supported. If you ask scientists, “Where was homework invented?” some will answer that it was created in Ancient Rome, while others will say in Egypt, still others say in Venice. Perhaps this issue will remain a mystery for us.

What Homework Means for Students

There’s a stereotype that is strongly ingrained in many societies that all students hate studying and homework. Is this true? It’s quite a controversial issue. In this section, we would like to provide you with classifications of students according to their attitude toward homework and give a couple of recommendations for each type.

Rachel type — “Homework distracts me from things that are really important”

what homework means
The students of “Rachel type” find doing homework boring and needless. They are usually surrounded with many friends inside and outside the school. Also, such people typically have a hobby or slew of hobbies, such as playing musical instruments, being engaged in some kind of sport, or playing computer games. They are usually not interested in studying academic disciplines. Some of them know exactly who they would like to be in the future and they think that studying many subjects is useless for them.

A piece of advice: Give definite disciplines a chance. If you feel bored of math and physics, this doesn’t mean that history and literature will also be a torture for you. Focus on several subjects so that you have enough time for your hobbies. You lose more energy rebelling against homework than you would lose for doing it. Also, you can apply for help to competent experts who will assist you with tasks you are bored of. Such experts you can find on WriteMyEssayOnline.com.

Monica type — “Homework helps me to remember the material better”

what homework means
Typical good girls and good boys are related to this type. They would like to be the best in each sphere of life and they feel very upset when they find themselves underperforming. We won’t go deep into psychological problems of these types of students. We would just like to mention that their enthusiasm about studying is partly provoked by a deficit of attention from their parents. Such people are longing to deserve praise. They really exert themselves to be good students and their effort is usually rewarded by good scores.

A piece of advice: Do not feel guilty for being imperfect. It is important to study if you would like to build a great career, but it is also important to be happy in life. Each period of life you live only once. If you study all the time, you can miss those little joys that are peculiar to adolescence. Try to find balance between academic education, your hobbies, and social life.

Ross type —“Homework is a contribution to my future”
what homework means
Such students are usually focused on several allied disciplines, such as physics, math, and chemistry. They have been aware of their career goals since childhood. Such people are very future-oriented. Typically, they study subjects that they are interested in far beyond the boundaries of the school program. “Ross type” students usually participate in discussions with teachers on issues they are fond of. The students of this kind have a detailed plan with goals they would like to reach and ways on how to do it.

A piece of advice: Try to be more flexible. You never know what information or experience is useful for you. It’s great that you have objectives for the future but life is so changeable that you should have a “plan B.” You can continue to study those subjects that you are already studying but you should also explore other disciplines to broaden your mental horizons.

Chandler type — “Homework is boring but I must do it for my parents”
what homework means
These are primarily students who have to obey their parents in everything, starting from school and ending with personal relationships. Typically, such people are very childish and dependent. Each parent thinks that he or she knows better what his or her child needs, regardless of the child’s dreams and abilities. People of the “Chandler type” get used to the fact that someone makes decisions instead of them. It often happens that they study in fields that they hate and work a boring job as a result. These students are usually good at studying because they are told that they must be good.

A piece of advice: Don’t live for someone. When someone makes decisions instead of you, it facilitates your life. If you don’t make decisions, you won’t be responsible for them. This approach is handy but it is childish. It is okay to obey your parents when you are a kid, but sometimes you should insist on things that are important for you. Thus if you like dancing and you parents make you take swimming classes, you should convince them that you will be more successful in what you really like.

Phoebe type — “Homework is fun because I do only tasks I like”
what homework means
What homework means for people of the “Phoebe type” is a difficult issue. Such students usually live at their leisure regardless of public opinion. They usually do only those tasks they like and they are very knowledgeable in diverse things. However, most information they find out on their free time. At school, these students usually do tasks which they think are interesting and don’t care about scores.

A piece of advice: Try to be more purposeful. It’s really incredible that you enjoy life. Along with this, when you have a purpose, you have more enthusiasm to cope with tasks. Therefore, choose an objective and think of steps on how to achieve it. If you don’t like to think of global goals, choose smaller goals, such as being an A-level student in history class, or anything of this nature.

Joey type — “Homework is evil because I am so bad at doing it”
what homework means
There is also the type of student that finds it challenging to study. Each person has an individual ability to study. Some people perceive information and commit it to memory faster than others. Unfortunately, students who find themselves unsuccessful in studying feel so miserable that they reject studying altogether. They don’t do their homework because they are not able to, and sometimes they also miss classes.

A piece of advice: Fight to the bitter end. If you are behind in studying, you shouldn’t give up your efforts to improve your scores. Bad scores don’t mean that you are a bad person. You can be a genius musician, and at the same time, you can be the worst writer ever. Everyone develops in his or her own way. Find tutors to catch up with your classmates and spend more time on homework. No one says that you’ll be an A-level student at once, but you’ll at least perform better in studying.

What Type of Student Are You?

If you recognize yourself in our descriptions, share the results of what homework means for you in the comments. Also, check out Why Is Homework Important, and When Is It Not? If one day you need help with your homework, you can contact the support team of WriteMyEssayOnline.com. You can receive assistance from well-educated writers who have vast experience in completing academic papers. Do not hesitate to apply to us and you will meet the deadline!

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