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Personal Goals and Study Habits Essay

Negative attitudes and behaviors towards studies will negatively impact grades, so it necessitates changes in study habits. There are a lot of critical things to consider when it comes to studying pattern adjustment. The most vital thing to remember about learning is that no two individuals learn alike, so no two students should copy learning modes. What is effective for one may not be effective for the other colleague, which denotes the individual aspects regarding the best study mode to be in the application (Alva and Manuel 103). Primarily, improvements to study habits will encompass both the personal dimensions and the group-based approach to conducting studies.

my goal essay

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I am not sure I have ever had a class where I was so excited to get back and practice that I could not wait to arrive at home for the study session. On that point, I can make wishes with no ability for improvement. We have variations regarding the affinity towards particular learning subjects or sections. Healthy study patterns are crucial for the realization of better academic results (Vicente et al. 5). For other students, learning and getting inspired about the outcomes comes easily, contrary to my case.

Some of the issues that require adequate improvement are the taking of insufficient or ineffective notes, the inability to realize the most efficient time to carry on studies, and the absence of a conducive place to study. It has constantly put me in a disadvantageous position regarding competition with my colleagues at school and is my primary source of motivation. The first step in improving one’s research patterns is to take notes (Elango and Manimozhi 142). There is a need to capture everything the instructor teaches while taking notes; constant failure to do so has had a detrimental effect on my performance progressively throughout the examination periods.

Writing down the items that I believe are significant is one aspect I intend to have motivation. I can also handwrite notes in a book to illustrate key points that I think are important to remember. If the instructor repeats or emphasizes something, there will be a need to make a mental note that it may come upon the forthcoming exam. When it comes to taking notes, good cognitive skills are critical (Alva and Manuel 103). All have excellent thinking abilities, but it does not always imply that they are creative.

I intend to learn as if I were in school; however, fellow students can be uncooperative at times. Due to the extreme disorder, it cannot be easy to focus. If the school allows it, I may skip class to study in a quiet environment with cooperative peers. Focusing on influencing like-minded peers to form multiple study groups that conduct similar but different tests is an instrumental objective towards improving study habits (Elango and Manimozhi 142). It is so that the learning process can instill the motivational and fascinating aspects which stimulate regular and collective study sessions.

Conclusively, poor learning patterns result in poor scores. The results of healthy learning habits are good marks. It is possible that learning when to take notes would improve personal understanding. It is fascinating to read and research as I figure out what works best for my case. It is unfortunate to be unable to establish what to study, so making a good plan will help achieve study habits and subsequent performance improvement. Having a decent research space is beneficial because it provides favorable conditions that enable studies with minimal interruptions.

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