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Explanation Why Homework Is Necessary for Students

homework is necessary for students

Homework is the independent fulfillment of tasks by students outside the classroom without the direct supervision of the teacher, under his or her indirect influence. These are the types of homework: the nature of cognitive activity – reproductive and creative; educational activities – the implementation of exercises and problem solving, work with the textbook, observations and experiments, reading additional literature, preparing reports, making allowances, etc. And the main question here: are homework necessary to do?

Independent homework as a form of learning aims for consolidation of the knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom, the self-assimilation of fully accessible material and additional information, and regulated performance of creative and practical works. Independent cognitive and work activity brings up character and strengthens knowledge – that’s why homework is necessary for students.

The organization of homework is a special part of the lesson, which in most cases takes place at the end. Even when planning a lesson, a certain time frame is provided. The task of homework should be thoroughly prepared and thought out.

Requirements To Be Taken Into Account

• Homework assigning should be timely. They can not be assigned after the end of a lesson or superficially. The teacher should allocate sufficient time to explain homework for students. They are obligated to accurately record it and have time to ask questions.

• Homework is usually organically related to the topic of the lesson. If the teacher for any reason (for example, homework as preparation for a new topic) refuses this, then he/she should tell the students about it. In this case, it is necessary to ask the teacher to explain the homework very carefully.

• The organization of the homework should be clear, understandable, and accurate.

• Homework assigning should be accurate. The teacher can use only special concepts that the students are already familiar with. The explanation of the homework should correspond to the level of development of the students as well as the degree of difficulty of the task itself. However, you should be prepared that assignments will not be too easy to complete.

• When assigning homework, it is necessary for a teacher to pay attention to the students’ knowledge of the necessary techniques of work. If they do not possess them, then the teacher needs to explain and apply practice of them. Only in this way will you be able to complete your homework on your own.

In many modern technologies, students are offered a choice when doing homework, which can be of a creative or research nature. It is not important that everyone should perform the same task, but instead the achievement of the assigned task, the formation of a positive attitude towards its implementation, the maintenance of interest, and the development of research skills are the focus. So, for example, if you study the English language, you can read the text at home that you read in the classroom, or find texts similar to the texts you read in the classroom and read them, or write an essay on the topic, or write a review.

Particular attention is paid to the control of homework. Since the homework of students is part of educational and upbringing work, the teacher must systematically check it. Students should be aware that their homework will be tested. This can not be superficial or sketchy. The checking of the tasks will be done thoroughly by the teacher. Therefore, when preparing for classes, he/she sets the time and place of the lesson, as well as the methods of verification. It must be taken into account that there are not only written assignments. Other homework will be checked, for example, memorizing poems by heart, reading exercises, drawing, learning words, doing practical tasks, etc. The technique of verification will be changed frequently, so as not to provoke students to, instead of regularly doing homework, adapt to the method of checking tasks by the teacher. In particular, the technique of checking homework assignments depends on the type of task in these assignments. Organizationally, the teacher will use various techniques to check homework assignments.

Is Homework Necessary?

Yes, because the teacher checks the homework of all students. He or she checks the notebooks at school or takes them home. Checking all the notebooks in the classroom takes a very long time. Such a check is necessary, since you will be immediately corrected and your errors explained. In senior classes, the correctness of the homework is mostly not checked, but only the fact of their performance is established with the verification of the results in another way.

The teacher checks only a few works. He or she takes some notebooks and checks them, while other students read their work aloud. The teacher assesses the results of the test immediately or in subsequent classes. This method, however, is not used by all teachers.

The students mutually check their work, and the teacher supervises the examination. This can happen, for example, by exchanging notebooks. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the partners in each lesson are changing. Such method is not so popular, but sometimes teachers use it. Students themselves check their work. This form has a particularly great educational value.

Homework is necessary for students and it requires clear organization in the process of implementation. It takes a definite and permanent place in the schedule of the school day and is organized with proper requirements. The student must have a permanent work place for doing homework. Students are explained the importance of consistency in the degree of difficulty in performing tasks and taking rest breaks.

Many students wonder about the need to do homework when learning a foreign language. For many of them, the issue of the effectiveness of homework remains open. Its supporters realize the need to do homework, realizing that it promotes better mastering of the material passed and try to do most of it. Its opponents, in turn, believe that homework adversely affects educational motivation, deprives them of rest, and in general, they consider it a senseless waste of time.

What is homework? What is its role in learning? Do we have in practice examples of successful learning of a foreign language without doing homework, or are we just afraid to change? Many scientists from different countries of the world have tried to understand this question. Many books and articles have been written, many studies have been carried out using questionnaires and interviews, and an analysis of the amount of work that teachers ask students has been conducted. Homework is defined as a set of tasks assigned to the student for self-study, with the aim of understanding the material covered in the lesson in practice.

There are three positive effects. First, the direct impact on learning, including the preservation of factual knowledge in memory and deeper understanding, and the ability to independently process information, improves critical thinking. Secondly, the long-term effect of learning has shown to have benefits. And thirdly, the non-academic long-term effect can be easily felt, which includes improving self-discipline, self-management, time management, curiosity, and independent problem-solving.

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