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Classic Literature Essay Sample

Why Is It So Hard to Read Classics?

This is a topic that has been discussed for a long time now. Classics are something that we all have come across at some point in our lives. Maybe early in Elementary School or, some of us, later in High School, but they were out there, waiting for us to find them.

Are classics really so hard to read or are they imposed on us so we are too angry to have to read them, and we can’t see all of their beauty? When I have read Anna Karenina for the first time, I had been forced to do it, so I hated it. Later on, when I was older I read it again, and I could see all of its beauties, I could understand the book, and I wanted to read it again to make sure that I have not missed out some important points.

We can say that classics are hard to read because there are a variety of forms of language they were written in, and since they were written in the past while language has been changing throughout the history, we are likely to come to a conclusion that nowadays it is a bit harder to understand the substance of the texts written back then ( Hartmann, 2016) .

In general, writers usually live in some kind of “their own world”, where imagination is predominant. This is the reason I believe that exactly their imagination is the key feature of their style of writing.

Writers like Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Jane Austen, and many others as well are truly the greatest writers of 19th and 20st centuries. Are their works hard to read? The question is not easy to answer. From my point of view, if you read them at the age of fifteen, of course it will be hard! However, if you read them later on in your life, at the point when you have adopted a greater level of knowledge related to the life itself and life choices it we all have to face, than you may find yourself enjoying reading those majestic books. Thus, my suggestion is that you should try and give another chance to classics; you may be surprised by even liking them in the end.


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