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Category Archives: Essays

Draw Your Attention to the Following “Beowulf” Topics


Apply the Following “Beowulf” Topics to Your Writing

The only existing manuscript of “Beowulf” dates back to around 1000 years. But the epopee itself, according to most experts, dates back to the end of the 7th or the first third of the 8th century. At that time the Anglo-Saxons were already experiencing the beginning process of the origin of feudal ties. The poem, however, is inherent in epic archaizing.

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A Doll’s House Essay Topics for Certain Types of Papers


“A Doll’s House” Essay Topics You Will Love

Henrik Ibsen is a great Norwegian poet and playwright of the 19th century. One of the famous works is the three act play “A Doll’s House.” In his work, the author raises the social and philosophical question of the choice of a person and his desire to play an assigned role in life. In the center of the play is a happily married couple – the lawyer Helmer and his wife Nora.

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Easy Steps to Persuasive Essay Writing With Practical Tips

writing techniques for persuasive writing

People will try to improve their persuasion skills when they fail to get what they want for the first time. Typically, it happens when an inexorable parent rejects the request for buying a new toy. Since this first failure, children understand that they need to develop their persuasive abilities and begin to work on themselves through trial and error method. Academic education also helps people to enhance their abilities to persuade and convince. In this article, we will talk about writing techniques for persuasive writing. This type of academic paper is often assigned to students to improve their writing and persuasive skills.

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How to Write an Analytical Essay: Step-By-Step Guide

how to write an analysis paper

An analytical essay will require you to describe your own arguments on the topic and analyze it. If you don’t know how to write an analysis paper, this step-by-step guide will help you! An analytical essay is an analysis of a certain problem, an examination of this problem itself, and the identification of regularities. To the object of analysis may belong a known or little-known scientific phenomenon, scientific or artistic work, a historical event, a social problem, etc.

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How to Write an Evaluation Essay in 5 Easy Steps

How to write an evaluation essay

If you having no idea on what to write in evaluation essays, you must read this article. We are going to discuss everything that you should know about writing an evaluation essay. Some students confuse this type of essay with a review, and it’s actually not such a mistake. An evaluation is quite similar to a review. Below, you will find useful information on how to write an evaluation essay.

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How to Write a Narrative Story

How to Write a Narrative Story

What Is a Narrative Essay

If you were asked to write a narrative essay, just know that it should be a story about your real-life experience. Yes, it will require a bit of imagination and your writing skills – you won’t need to do much research work, as it will be based only on your personal experience. A good narrative essay captures the reader’s attention, especially if the story describes an interesting event and is presented with friendly language. Usually tutors ask to describe your experience under certain circumstances or events. But it should not just be facts, but convey to the reader why the story has meaning. Continue reading

Look at Fascinating To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Topics

To Kill a Mockingbird topics for essays

Harper Lee published just one book – “To Kill a Mockingbird” – but that was enough to influence the history of world literature. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is studied in American schools – it is a classic of world literature and the first serious piece of writing of Harper Lee. Before that, she wrote stories only in her spare time, and worked as an ordinary clerk in the daytime.

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