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Animal Farm Paper Topics to Inspire Your Writing


Last updated on March 15, 2023

George Orwell (real name Eric Arthur Blair) is mostly known for his novels “Animal Farm” and “1984.” These books are the most vivid works written in the genre of dystopia. “Animal Farm” is a novella that shows the evolution of animal society, from complete freedom after the expulsion of the previous farm owner, to the dictatorship of the character Napoleon. As the writer became an observer of the political events of the early 20th century, it resulted in the metaphorical story of the life of society in conditions of totalitarianism. Continue reading

‘Antigone’ Essay Topics You Will Like

We have gathered the most interesting ideas to write a paper on “Antigone.” Reading through our lists is the fastest way to come up with a good idea for your essay. Students who do not have even a thought on what to write about will find our good essay topics for “Antigone” really helpful. Using one of our topics will help you write my college essay easily. Continue reading

A Doll’s House Essay Topics for Certain Types of Papers

A Doll’s House Essay Topics

Like any other lists of topics on this site, “A Doll’s House” essay ideas are divided into categories as well. By the way, you can use them for free whatever your aim, whether it’s coming up with your own topic or using one from the list. Reading through the following essay topics for “A Doll’s House,” you will see that they are interesting choices for writing essays on them.
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Look at Fascinating To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Topics

To Kill a Mockingbird topics for essays

Harper Lee published just one book – “To Kill a Mockingbird” – but that was enough to influence the history of world literature. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is studied in American schools – it is a classic of world literature and the first serious piece of writing of Harper Lee. Before that, she wrote stories only in her spare time, and worked as an ordinary clerk in the daytime.

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The 80 Best The Catcher in the Rye Essay Topics You Should Try

catcher in the rye essay topics

Photo by NickyPe from Pixabay

We want to share with you useful “Catcher in the Rye” essay topics. You won’t be bored – our lists are interesting and can help you understand what to write about. All students will find topics that are interesting to them. If you don’t have any idea of what exactly to write about, these “The Catcher in the Rye” essay topics are what you need. Continue reading

Perfect Q&A for Writing Expository Essays


If you are a student of college or school, you probably wrote expository essays before. But still you have some questions, and today, we’ll try to clarify them. Writing expository essays is quite easy in comparison to writing other types of essays. That is why sometimes you have to complete the expository article in class. So, do not deprive yourself of an opportunity to get ready for this writing beforehand and get excellent scores.

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