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Animal Farm Paper Topics to Inspire Your Writing


Last updated on March 15, 2023

George Orwell (real name Eric Arthur Blair) is mostly known for his novels “Animal Farm” and “1984.” These books are the most vivid works written in the genre of dystopia. “Animal Farm” is a novella that shows the evolution of animal society, from complete freedom after the expulsion of the previous farm owner, to the dictatorship of the character Napoleon. As the writer became an observer of the political events of the early 20th century, it resulted in the metaphorical story of the life of society in conditions of totalitarianism.


Two Sides of a Story as Told in ‘Animal Farm’

Literary critics consider that the story can be viewed from two sides. On the one hand, if we will take the author’s views into account, “Animal Farm” exposes the events of the Russian Revolution in 1917 and the events that followed the outbreak of this revolution. On the other hand, after the end of the Second World War, Orwell’s political views had changed, and the story can also reflect events in the United Kingdom. Despite the different interpretations of critics and researchers, the book was banned for many years in the Soviet Union and the author faced a lot of difficulties with the publication of the book in the democratic United Kingdom.

A Good Topic Will Raise Your Chances of Writing a Great Essay

If you were assigned to write an essay on “Animal Farm” and the teacher asked you to choose the topic on your own, there is no reason to panic! Even if you have enjoyed reading the book, it may happen that picking the right topic will become a difficult task. A good topic will raise your chances to create an outstanding essay, and we believe that the following list will inspire you on great writing. Our team of experts has chosen the most interesting and engaging “Animal Farm” paper topics. Check them out and let your creative juices flow!

Easy “Animal Farm” Essay Topics, Questions, and Ideas

1. Discuss the influence of incidents that provoke the perspectives of characters in “Animal Farm.”
2. How is the theme of greed represented in the story “Animal Farm”?
3. Discuss the expression “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it” in relation to the story in “Animal Farm.”
4. How have descriptive details helped Orwell develop characters and create tension in “Animal Farm”?
5. How is fear depicted in “Animal Farm”?
6. Discuss the types and effectiveness of propaganda in “Animal Farm”?
7. Discuss how plot, setting, and symbols helped Orwell develop the idea that leaders are often wolves in sheepskin.
8. Can “Animal Farm” be considered an allegory of the Soviet Union?
9. Discuss how people’s ignorance can influence their social and political oppression.
10. Discuss how Orwell uses allegory in the story of “Animal Farm.”
11. Discuss the characters of Clover and Boxer in “Animal Farm.” Who do they represent?
12. Discuss how the story could end if Snowball had run off with Napoleon.
13. Discuss the importance of both ideologies of fascism and communism in the story “Animal Farm.”

Compare and Contrast “Animal Farm” Topics

1. Compare and contrast how the environment influences the values of the person in “Animal Farm” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
2. Compare and contrast two novellas: “Animal Farm” and “Heart of Darkness.”
3. Compare and contrast “Equilibrium” and “Animal Farm.”
4. Compare and contrast “The Crucible” and “Animal Farm.”
5. Compare and contrast the main themes in “Looking Backward” and “Animal Farm.”
6. Compare and contrast the theme of self-deception in “Mrs. Dalloway” and “Animal Farm.”
7. Compare and contrast the political techniques of Snowball and Napoleon. Which political figure can be related to a real leader?
8. Compare and contrast the film “The Big Fish” with the book “Animal Farm” considering factual truths and lies.
9. Compare and contrast “A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General” and “Animal Farm.”
10. Compare and contrast “Animal Farm” and the political situation that took place at the same time.
11. Compare and contrast “Macbeth” and “Animal Farm” in context of representation of power.
12. Compare and contrast journeys in “Fahrenheit 451” and “Animal Farm.”
13. Compare and contrast the use of symbolism in “Green Mile” and “Animal Farm.”
14. Compare and contrast Joseph Stalin and the character Napoleon from “Animal Farm.”
15. Compare and contrast the book “Animal Farm” and its film adaptation.
16. Compare and contrast “Animal Farm” and Germany in that period of time.
17. Compare and contrast “Looking Backward” and “Animal Farm” in the context of corruption and misuse of power depending on the political system.
18. Compare and contrast “Animal Farm” and “The Stranger” by Camus.
19. Compare and contrast the pigs from “Animal Farm” and Kim Jong-il.
20. Compare and contrast “Animal Farm” and “An Artist of the Floating World.”

Analytical “Animal Farm” Writing Topics

1. Analyze how the community shapes the sense of self and personality traits in “Animal Farm.”
2. Analyze the relation of democracy in “Animal Farm.”
3. Analyze “Animal Farm” in the context of Orwell’s essay “Politics and the English Language.”
4. Analyze the political ideas represented in the book “Animal Farm.”
5. Analyze Orwell’s point of view of the story of “Animal Farm.”
6. Analyze Orwell’s writing style and how it contributes to the overall story.
7. Analyze the story of “Animal Farm” from the Marxist perspective.
8. Analyze “Animal Farm” and “1984” in a historical context and considering Orwell’s previous works of fiction.
9. Analyze how socialism and communism are represented in the book “Animal Farm.”
10. Analyze the character of Snowball. What techniques does he use in his politics?
11. Analyze “Animal Farm” in the context of what makes human beings human.
12. What will Benjamin say to people if he has decided to tell about the situation on Animal Farm?

Argumentative “Animal Farm” Literary Essay Topics

1. How is power represented in the book “Animal Farm”?
2. How is Hitler’s invasion of Russia depicted in the book “Animal Farm”?
3. Explain the influence of Napoleon’s actions on the animals. Why do the animals follow those laws?
4. Find similarities and differences between Harrison Bergeron and “Animal Farm.”
5. How has Orwell’s beliefs and life story influenced his novella “Animal Farm”?
6. Describe negative effects that were caused by the abuse of power in “Animal Farm.”
7. Describe how the animals have lost their freedom in “Animal Farm.”
8. Describe how propaganda and irony are depicted in the novella “Animal Farm.”
9. How do Napoleon and Squealer use fear for manipulation in the novella “Animal Farm”?
10. How can the book “Animal Farm” be related to the Russian Revolution?
11. What major historical figures do major characters represent?
12. How does satire contribute to the overall story? What is the role of satire in the book “Animal Farm”?
13. Describe what or who is the cause of the events in the book “Animal Farm.”
14. How is social avoidance depicted in the book “Animal Farm”?
15. Explain how Mollie and Benjamin illuminate the main theme in the novella “Animal Farm.”
16. Explain whether the power of one leader is positive or negative according to “Animal Farm.”

Good Questions to Ask About Animal Farm

Considering the following questions may be helpful either for generating your own topic or for bringing ideas into an essay on another topic:

What were the rules for the animals at the farm?
Why did Napoleon begin trading?
What was the purpose of the major calling a meeting of the animals (chapter 1-3)?
What were the seven commandments and who gained leadership at the farm?
How would you describe the relationships between Snowball and Napoleon?
Who was blamed by the boxer for the executions?

FAQ on Animal Farm

Below you will find answers to several frequently asked questions provided by professional writers.’

What is the moral of ‘Animal Farm?’

In ‘Animal Farm’ we see how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What is the short summary of ‘Animal Farm?’

The book tells the story of a group of animals led by a pig named Napoleon. The group attempts to rise up against their human masters and create a new society with equal rights for all animals and no violence amongst them. However, the conditions at the farm became even worse than they were before.

What is ‘Animal Farm’ based on?

Orwell’s book is based on the Russian Bolshevik Revolution and Stalin’s betrayals. The book tells the story of a group of animals living at a farm who attempt to overthrow their human masters and create a democratic society. The attempt fails because of the betrayal caused by the group of pigs.

What is the main theme of ‘Animal Farm?’

The main theme of Animal Farm is the betrayal of a revolution due to usurpation of power and the perversion of the democratic promise of common justice and equality.
The grand theme of the novel is the corruption of those in power. The book is commonly thought to represent the Russian Revolution and the development of communism.

What is the biggest conflict in ‘Animal Farm?’

The great conflict of the novel is that of the animals’ desire for freedom and democracy and the manipulation of this desire for the benefit of the pigs.

Professional Writing Help with “Animal Farm” Topics

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