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66 Brave New World Essay Topics That Will Make You Think

Brave New World Essay Topics

“Brave New World” is a satirical, anti-utopian novel by Aldous Huxley that was created in 1932. The story takes place in a city of the distant future – in the 26th century. The world society lives in a single state and is a consumer society. Consumption has become a cult and can be called the primary meaning of human existence.

What would the world look like without suffering? From Huxley’s perspective, people are artificially grown in test tubes, then they are divided into castes, and there is a list of ready answers to all questions. “History is bunk” in the World State. Love and emotions are considered as a handicap of a happy life. If someone feels glum, there is a wonderful antidepressant called “soma.” What you need is a gram of soma. The last question the reader should answer is whether the author is close to the truth about the future of the modern world.

We know that many students are frequently assigned to write an essay on “Brave New World” and one of the most difficult tasks for them is deciding on an interesting topic for their writing. To ease your life we have gathered 66 “Brave New World” topics and divided them into such categories: compare and contrast, argumentative, analytical, and expository. There are Two Ways to Choose Essay Topics to Write about. All you need is get inspired by one of the following topics and just start writing.

Brave New World Essay Topics

Compare and Contrast Brave New World Essay Topics

  1. Compare and contrast the two dystopian novels “1984” and “Brave New World.”
  2. Compare and contrast the movie “Metropolis” and “Brave New World.”
  3. Compare the two novels “Brave New World” and “The Hunger Games.”
  4. Compare the movie “The Running Man” and “Brave New World.”
  5. Compare and contrast the state in Plato’s “Republic” and “Brave New World.”
  6. Compare and contrast the ideas presented in Huxley’s “Brave New World” and “Island.”
  7. Compare the book and movie “Brave New World” (1980).
  8. Compare and contrast the values of the Londoners and the Indians in “Brave New World.” What is the meaning of drums?
  9. Compare propaganda during Hitler’s activities and in the World State.
  10. Compare and contrast Bernard and John (Helmholtz and Mustapha). Compare their characters, psychology, development throughout the story, and the lessons they represent in the story.
  11. Compare and contrast the World State and our world.

Argumentative Brave New World Essay Topics

  1. Prove that the novel “Brave New World” is relevant today.
  2. What is the main message of “Brave New World”?
  3. Can truth and happiness be compatible?
  4. Can happiness be reached through drugs like “soma” from “Brave New World”?
  5. Read several articles of literary criticism written about “Brave New World” and agree or disagree with the experts’ meanings.
  6. How does Aldous Huxley use dehumanization in his novel?
  7. What is the meaning of science and conscience in “Brave New World”?
  8. Can cloning be applied in today’s society as in “Brave New World”? Why?
  9. What is the price of technological progress according to “Brave New World”?
  10. What is childhood like in “Brave New World”? How does their upbringing influence their adult lives?
  11. Is “Brave New World” utopia or dystopia? What features does it have?
  12. What role does the individual play in “Brave New World”?
  13. Can “Brave New World” be related to tragedy? Why?
  14. Discuss whether happiness is the main purpose of human life in this context?
  15. Does the novel “Brave New World” seem plausible?
  16. Discuss the relation between the sexes in the World State. How do men and women interact? Who holds the power in social situations, in the workplace, and in the government?

Brave New World Essay Topics

Analytical Brave New World Essay Topics

  1. Analyze “Brave New World” from a Marxist point of view.
  2. Analyze the themes of liberty and freedom in “Brave New World.”
  3. Analyze the story using the socio-cultural/psychoanalytic/poststructuralist/new criticism literary lens.
  4. Analyze the dystopian elements presented in “Brave New World.”
  5. How does technological progress influence the society from the perspective of “Brave New World”?
  6. Analyze the society depicted in “Brave New World” from the perspective of theories by Pareto, Mannheim, and Park.
  7. What political and social issues are represented in “Brave New World”? What literary tools does Huxley use to reinforce these issues?
  8. How does the novel “Brave New World” influence the works of other writers?
  9. Analyze the life of Aldous Huxley and define what life experiences or situations have influenced his view on the novel “Brave New World.” Why has he written this book?
  10. Analyze Mustapha Mond’s point of view of soma tablets and individual freedom.
  11. Analyze the characters of Linda and John. How do they differ from other savages?
  12. Analyze the views of class in “Brave New World” and compare to the existing views in India or in England during Victorian times.
  13. How is sexuality represented in the novel? What kind of relationship is presented?
  14. How is loneliness presented in “Brave New World”? Is it good to be lonely?
  15. How can the cloning process of plants and animals be compared to the Bokanovsky Process?
  16. How does Huxley’s society function? Why has the author chosen Ford as a god?
  17. Analyze the author’s style and how it influences the main idea: diction/tone/the beginning of the novel/names of characters/dialogues/onomatopoeia, etc.
  18. How does Huxley depict the setting? How does it influence the overall story?
  19. Explain the meaning of the title “Brave New World.” Is it appropriate? What other titles can you give?
  20. Analyze symbols used in the novel. How do they relate to the main theme?

Expository Brave New World Essay Topics

  1. Explain why “Brave New World” is a cautionary tale for the modern society.
  2. What is the meaning of consumption and happiness in “Brave New World”?
  3. Describe the relationship of technology and science in “Brave New World.”
  4. What are the identification numbers related to in “Brave New World”?
  5. How has the novel “Brave New World” influenced society?
  6. Describe the most significant points in the plot, themes, and characters.
  7. What emotions are presented in “Brave New World”? How does it influence the overall picture?
  8. Describe the theme of escape in “Brave New World.”
  9. Evaluate the quality of representation of female characters in “Brave New World.”
  10. Evaluate the equality of men and women in “Brave New World.”
  11. Describe the features of the World State in “Brave New World.”
  12. What place do Shakespeare’s works have in “Brave New World”?
  13. What are the pros and cons of creating a genetic hierarchical society?
  14. Explore the conflicts depicted in “Brave New World.” How does it influence the overall story?
  15. What is an ordinary day for Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon?
  16. How is full freedom and true freedom depicted in “Brave New World”? What is your point of view on these issues?
  17. How does the novel show the importance of diversity and individualism in society?
  18. Explain the reason for John’s death. Would the story have another meaning if he stayed alive?
  19. How has the World State achieved total control and stability? What methods were used? Was it successful?
  20. Why was the concept of family totally reduced in the World State’s society? Was it the right idea?

Our team has carefully selected these essay topics for “Brave New World” and we hope that it was not in vain. You are welcome to use the topics as they are, or change them to fit your assignment. At the same time, we know that it’s hard to decide on the topic, but it’s more difficult to write an essay on it. If you experience some problems with your essay, get a professional looking paper for you on any chosen topic from our experts from WriteMyEssayOnline.

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