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Use These Religion Essay Topics to Inspire You

religion essay topics

It may be difficult to come up with a good idea. We have prepared religion essay topics that you can choose from to write you own paper.

Religion Essay Topics on Buddhism

  • The emergence of Buddhism
  • Buddhism of Tibet: The 14th Dalai Lama
  • What are the principles of Zen Buddhism?
  • Prayer and holy ordinances in Buddhism
  • Death in the beliefs of Buddhists

Religion Essay Topics on Islam

  • The emergence of Islam: Sharia and its main sources
  • Islam: faith and way of life
  • Islam: the origins and emergence of the main features
  • Islam in new and modern times
  • The life of Muhammad
  • The geography of Islam in the modern world

Religion Systems Topics

  • The origin of magic and its reflection in monotheistic religious systems
  • Materialistic and idealistic understandings of the essence of religion
  • Myth and mysticism in the religious systems of Japan and India
  • Myths of antiquity and the origin of the world and people
  • Religious understanding of technology
  • Religious concepts of the political thought of the Middle Ages
  • How do religious organizations influence people?
  • How is religion reflected in the philosophy of Feuerbach?
  • Ancient mythology and its impact on modernity
  • How is the Apocalypse reflected in different religion systems?
  • How has the atheistic literature of recent years influence people?
  • Brahman Chatterjee: The sacred religious philosophy of India
  • The influence of religions and different worldviews on the world
  • What are the principles of a comprehensive worldview system?
  • Taoism and its influence on Chinese culture
  • How is iconography used in different religions?
  • Does a mythological type of worldview still exist?
  • What are the principles of the religion of Ancient Egypt?
  • What are the main features of the religion of Mesopotamia?
  • What are the principles of a secret order of the Masons?
  • What are the main differences of the three world religions – Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam?
  • Church: Eucharistic community meeting of believers
  • What are the main principles of the religion of Ancient Greece?
  • Scientific proof of the existence of God
  • The concept of the Bethlehem Star
  • What is love in different religions?
  • Religion and science in the context of culture
  • The image of paradise in Christianity and Islam
  • The Bible as a scientific source of the creation of the world
  • God and man in consideration by Heraclitus of Ephesus
  • Worship and sacraments: liturgical reform
  • What is the connection between fortunetelling and religion?
  • How did the Greek Catholic Church appear?
  • Druids and religion of the ancient Celts
  • Why are Jews God’s chosen people?
  • Who was the Egyptian god Anubis?

Religion Essay Topics on Christianity

  • The birth of Christianity and why it appeared
  • What are the most popular ideas of Early Christianity?
  • What are the principles of Christian morality?
  • Fundamentals of the formation of a Christian
  • How can psychology be connected with Christianity?

A well-written religion essay should consist of three main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Content
  • Conclusion

The task of the essay is to open the topic in accordance with the questions posed. In the introduction, you can describe the title of the topic of the essay, reveal the essence of the title, and ask a question, the answer to which will be revealed in the substantive part and summarized in the conclusion.

Further, it is necessary to formulate the thesis statement, proceeding from the topic proposed for the religion essay. The thesis is the main idea which the author proves in the following text. Here there is a place for rigor and conciseness. It is better to formulate it concisely and closely to the topic. A correctly formulated thesis will help build a foundation for writing a beautiful and well-structured essay.

The main content of the work is the substantive part – it reveals the theme, and the essence of the essay is explained. Show your vision of the topic, and how other authors present this topic.

In the conclusion, the results of the entire body of work are summed up, and conclusions are drawn from the disclosed theme of the work. The conclusion should not be large, but thorough. In the final paragraph, you can make it clear, if possible, fully answering all the questions posed.

A religion essay often has an emotional transmission of the mood of the topic. The author’s opinion requires a logical confirmation. Therefore, it is necessary to explain the chosen position in a few sentences, as arguments should be logical and consistent. It is necessary to make sure you do not contradict yourself in the text. Also, personal speech is appropriate to use.

You can confirm the presented arguments by selecting appropriate examples. It all depends on the erudition and education of the author. Examples from religion sources, which successfully emphasize the author’s choice, will add imagery and coherence to the essay. But do not be limited to religion examples. History is also rich in cases that may be suitable for presenting the main idea of the work. It is enough to look a little wider.

However, in order to beautifully emphasize the basic idea, you can also present an example from your own life. However, in this part of the text, many overdo it with magnificent sentences. To write an essay beautifully, you do not need to use a thousand artistic means that lead away from the essence. The main thing is to stick to the topic of your religion essay and know what words to use (many teachers do not like excessive, albeit beautiful, essays).

Artistic means (epithets, metaphors, hyperbole, etc.) will also help to make your essay look better, but, as already said, you need to know where and how to use them. Teachers will appreciate it. In addition to the beauty of the design of the essay, you also need to pay attention to its literacy. It is better to go over the text once again and check each comma than to suffer further from inattention and haste.

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