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Steps to Write a Novel Outline

Write a Novel Outline

Writing a novel is like baking a cake. You need to mix the right ingredients. The outline is the recipe of your novel. Here is the gude for writing an outline.

Step 1

Brainstorm to get your ideas together. Write down your thoughts about the potential characters, themes and setting. Don’t limit your ideas, just note all of them.

Step 2

When you have written enough ideas to start writing a novel, give a few answers before you begin writing an outline. Ask yourself who your main character is and his motivation; who the antagonist is; what aims your characters have and so on.

Step 3

Now you have to develop the conflict. The longer your novel, the more sparks it needs. Your main character’s journey to reaching a goal or overcoming a problem is the conflict in the story, and the events that lead to resolution are your novel’s plot.

Step 4

It’s high time to write scene summaries on separate note cards. Each summary should be a single sentence. You can introduce a note or two about actions and characters. Write each summary on a separate card to rearrange the order easily.

Step 5

Order your cards. You may notice that some scenes don’t fit the general flow of your novel. You can also find out the gaps in the plot, which gives you the opportunity to write additional scenes where needed.

Step 6

When you have ordered the notes, create your novel outline. Make a numbered list below it that includes each of the scene summaries for that chapter.

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