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Check Out the Washington College Stereotypes!

Washington College Stereotypes

Washington is a boring land of clouds and evergreens. For high school students that can’t escape to warmer climates, the task of choosing a school in Washington is difficult. However, finding the right public university doesn’t have to be chancy. Here are the stereotypical students at each university: the University of Washington, Washington State University, and Western Washington University. If you resemble one of the college stereotypes, you will probably fit in fine. Continue reading

Eight Most Successful People Who Were Kicked Out of College

A great number of the most successful people got there without the help of a college education. Many celebrities have been kicked out because of fights, while others got into trouble for breaking dorm rules. However, getting expelled from college is not a guarantee for popularity or success. Check out some interesting facts below!

Samuel L. JacksonEight Most Successful People Who Were Kicked Out of College

Born: 1948
Birthplace: Washington, D.C., USA
Profession: actor, producer, voice acting
Institution: Morehouse College
Samuel L. Jackson was kicked out of Morehouse College for locking board members for two days in a building. It was a protest on the lack of black board members. Continue reading

The Best Guide to Writing a Paragraph in an Eight-Sentence Burst

Writing a Paragraph

Paragraph writing can be intimidating, particularly in the early stages of an essay. The eigh-sentence paragraph burst is one style of essay writing that is designed to get writers past those early stages of essay creation. The eight-sentence format can be boiled down to the following six elements: topic sentence, first major support, first minor support, second major support, second minor support and conclusion. Continue reading