Essay Topics on Immigration That Make You Think


It doesn’t matter whether you think that immigration is a problem or not, as this topic concerns everyone. Immigration is discussed in societies, and as an intelligent person, you need to get acquainted with this subject. That’s why instructors often give assignments about immigration to their students. You may be assigned with research papers or essays about immigration. Today, we’ll give you essay topics on immigration that will help you to immerse yourself in the subject, and answer your own questions that were initially a mystery for you.

Before You Start

  • Read articles that are related to this subject.
  • Talk to people that are involved in this problem (if you have such a possibility) .
  • Ask you instructor about format style.
  • Find statistics to be aware of accurate data.

Essay Topics on Immigration

  • Do immigrants influence the average wage in the US? If so, then where exactly (what territories) is their effect the most ponderable? Explain the reasons for this consistent pattern, if it takes place.
  • Compare legal and illegal immigration. Write their advantages and disadvantages. What measures should be taken to prevent illegal immigration? Why, in your opinion, does illegal immigration still exist? Do you think that many governments have some reasons for not fighting it properly? What are they?
  • Do you agree that most immigrants cross the border for better education? Do they influence somehow the educational system? Do you think that education is worth leaving your native country?
  • Do you believe that immigration is one of the factors that affects the health of citizens? Should only immigrants be properly checked for state of health? Should the government do health screenings for Americans that travel abroad? What would be cheaper: a health screening for every person that crosses the border, or require a health certificate from the country they come from?
  • Analyze the level of immigration in the US for the last 20 years. How has it changed? What are the reasons for these changes? Do you think that there are new causes for immigration compared to 20 years ago? What steps were taken by the government to stop illegal immigration?
  • Do you agree that immigration negatively influences the workplace? Do you believe that immigrants must be paid the same as citizens of the same country? Is it fair that nationals must be hired in the first instance, and then immigrants after? If you were an employer, would you hire people only due to their professional skills? Would you rather hire a citizen or a legal immigrant, if they were equally competent?
  • What are the benefits for immigrants? What difficulties do they face? How do they affect the well-being of the country? What are the prejudices about immigrants in societies? How do you fight them, in your opinion? Would you emigrate somewhere? Where exactly and why?

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