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Useful Tips for Writing an Essay Explaining a Concept

Writing an Essay

You should begin your writing process by choosing a concept in which you are interested and feel comfortable writing about. You may choose to write about a topic you know something about, or write about a topic with which you are unfamiliar, but have a desire to learn more about. Here are the tips for writing an essay.

Research and Narrow the Topic

When you choose the concept you want to write about, take time to research your topic, noting important information and quotes from experts, or well-documented facts, to back up your idea. Many concepts, such as hate and love, make for broad topics that will prove difficult to work with; so you have to narrow your essay idea when you research.

Introduce Your Topic

Your first paragraph should introduce your topic, and your task is to interest the reader in the concept you describe in your essay. You may present an anecdote, or ask a question the reader should consider. At the end of the introduction, present a thesis statement – a sentence that states your argument.

Form the Body

In most good essay assignments, you will have to include at least three main points in the body of your essay. You can use research to back up your thesis, such as different statistics. This allows you to present true-to-life examples of your topic and keep your reader involved. Make sure the information you provide is connected to your thesis.

Conclude Your Essay

In the last paragraph, you have to finish your essay by tying together the points you made in the body of your essay. Show how your points prove your thesis. You can make suggestions to your reader in the conclusion.

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