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Why We Are the Best College Essay Writing Service

Once students get to college, they have to do a lot of writing. Research papers, essays, term papers, and book reviews are just a few kinds of assignments you have to complete as a student. Not all of them are interesting or given at the right time. Moreover, students usually have assignments from other classes that they have to deal with. That is why every student has to prepare for an emergency by finding a reliable college essay writing service.

Writing is a very useful skill to have in the 21st century, especially bearing in mind that 70% (if not more) of all modern communication is done in written form. However, nowadays writing is also perceived as an innate talent, a skill that people are born with—which is not true. The fact that we have to write or type every day to communicate doesn’t mean this practice makes us write like Shakespeare. Moreover, writing essays for college is a not-so-effective way to boost your skills, and here are some reasons why.

Why College Essays are Not that Useful

It is true that practice is the best teacher. However, it is also true you are not going to teach your kid how to swim by throwing him or her out of the boat in the middle of the ocean. With a little exaggeration, that is what college professors do to students.

  1. You didn’t notice when the rules changed. At school, it was enough to compose several paragraphs explaining why the book you have recently read was good, and got a decent grade. But when you came to college, this wasn’t enough anymore, and no one actually explained to you what you are supposed to do. There’s no surprise many students start looking for external help with writing an essay for college, particularly during the first year of studies.
  2. The demands are quite unclear. You have to be a brilliant author to be capable of explaining what is particularly wrong with a certain essay. That means you have been through the same struggle, you identified the problem and solved it. But more often, that is not the case with college professors. They give you a C, simply saying there’s something lacking in your essay. And this can be pretty confusing. Luckily, there are college essay writing services to help you handle this problem.

Why Choose Us

Maybe you feel stressed or confused due to the vast variety of college essay services available online, especially if it is your first time choosing one or if your deadline is approaching. We are going to tell you the most basic information about and we are sure you’ll immediately understand why we are awesome.

  1. Financial transparency. Unlike many other services, we are not trying to make more money by tricking you to pay hidden fees. We don’t have any secret payments typed in tiny font at the very bottom of the page. If we need some money for something, we will tell you about it clearly and honestly. For example, we have a “featured” addition for your assignment you can order for $4.95 if you want more writers to see your assignment. If you decide to cancel your order for some reason, the money will be immediately returned to your deposit, and you can request to transfer it back to your bank account. Money is money, and our service is worth every penny.
  2. No pressure. At, you are literally the client and the financial manager all at once. We give you the freedom to chose the writer, set the deadline, communicate to your writer, and manage your assignments on your own. You would like a native English speaker? You don’t want somebody who has finished college or university? Everything is up to you.
  3. Best quality control. There’s a saying that you don’t need advertising if you provide good services, and we believe in that. That’s why we have introduced an author rating system and awards system to show you experts who do a really good job.
  4. Simplicity. When designing our website, we didn’t want to create all those loaded order forms with 50+ questions and create the feeling of boredom. So we tried to keep it as simple as possible. No third parties involved, no lengthy order forms, and no sophisticated website rules and policies. It’s just you and the author.
  5. Text uniqueness. This is a crucial characteristic for any college essay service. Though you are probably tired of custom services and websites declaring “we have 100% unique content!” and so on, the team just couldn’t avoid mentioning it, because it’s true for us. Once your chosen writer will start working on your assignment and sending you parts of it, you will be able to check it on your own using either our free plagiarism checker or other online checkers you consider to be trustworthy.
  6. We like to divide everything in parts. Parts are small, convenient, and easy-manageable—that’s why your order will be automatically separated (between 2 and 5 parts). Obviously, it’s much easier to review and discuss small parts of writing with your chosen author than the whole work at once.
  7. Our authors. Yes, we are proud of our authors and of the skills they posses. We employ the best professionals who are eager to share their knowledge with others. So your custom college essays will be written by people who have pursued Master’s degrees or PhDs, who have an excellent level of writing, and who want to improve the world by making studying less of a pain and more of a discovery.