Where to Find an Affordable Essay

Students are given so many assignments nowadays that they try to use any possible option to lessen the workload. Some of them try to cooperate and use the help of their peers, others look for ready works to download, and only a handful of them know where they can find an affordable essay which will easily pass all the plagiarism checkers.

Avoiding Possible Troubles

If you have $100 to live until the end of the month, an advert saying “ buy essay online cheap” appears to be very tempting, but actually choosing this option may cost you much more. What are the main problems students encounter while dealing with such services?

  1. Leak of information. The first problem you may encounter while dealing with very cheap essay writing services is exposure of your personal data to third parties or even information leaks. If you don’t see a separate confidentiality policy page, where you are clearly explained what the website guarantees you and what you should and shouldn’t do, it’s better to refrain from ordering at such a website. Some of the websites don’t actually expose your information on purpose, they just have insufficient data security.
  2. Low rate of uniqueness. This is the main problem of cheap essays — you pay for a slightly lower price than for unique content, but then you have to rewrite it on your own to raise the rate of uniqueness at least to 70-80%. In this case there is an obvious question: won’t it be easier to pay a little more and get a unique work that is ready for printing and handing in to your teacher?
  3. Reselling of the work – possible 0% uniqueness. We don’t want to scare you, but this is the most horrible outcome of using a cheap essay writing service. A price at $5 per page or even less can appear to be quite tempting, especially if you have a rather lengthy assignment to be done, but think about it carefully. The real price for one page of an academic paper written by a qualified writer (with a master’s degree or higher) costs no less than $7. There’s a high possibility that your work, though it is unique at first, will be immediately resold to a bank of essays. If you are lucky enough, and no one has bought the same essay until the moment you submitted yours, it will be unique. But if you’re not, the rate of uniqueness will be 0%.
  4. No quality guarantee. Some of the cheap essays available on the Internet are actually custom written for clients. But there’s no guarantee (to tell the truth, it is nearly impossible) that your paper will be written by a qualified writer with an excellent level of academic English. It is more likely that your paper will be done by your peer, a student with nearly the same amount of writing knowledge and skills as yourself. So why did you pay for that?
  5. No revisions — even if the quality is obviously bad. Since the author is underpaid for the work, he or she is unlikely to be willing to improve it to perfection. You have paid for a cheap essay—and you received a cheap essay with mistakes, a low rate of uniqueness and poor argumentation.

Expert Help

So, now you know what kinds of problems can be hidden behind “buy essay cheap” advertising. But how to choose both an affordable and reliable service?

First of all, you need to check the testimonials left by earlier customers. Pay attention to the language used and whether there is any neutral feedback. If all the feedback seems a little bit unnatural to you, there’s a high possibility it was written by bots. Moreover, even if the service is good, not every customer will leave an exalted comment with dozens of exclamation marks, as some people tend to be more neutral and reserved.

Secondly, pay attention to the procedure of choosing a writer. Will you be given an opportunity to choose the writer on your own? If yes, what are the main characteristics to make the choice easier? At WriteMyEssayOnline.com we have a system of customer-based author ratings, awards, and additional information. Also, you can check our top-50 writers and wait until someone from this group places a bid on your order. In case you need to be more certain about the writer you are going to choose, you can ask him or her to send you a preview (about 100 words) to evaluate his or her style and approach to work.

Finally, take a close look at the website’s payment system. Does the website have a money back guarantee? Do you have to pay in advance or not? All these questions may save a lot of your money and nerves. At WriteMyEssayOnline.com we have introduced a system of partial payment, which we consider to be the most convenient and secure, for both our writers and clients. Your order is automatically divided into several parts (from two to five) regardless of its length. For example, if you ordered a one-page essay, it will be divided into two parts (half of a page). If your order is 25 pages long, it will be separated into 5 parts of 5 pages. And you will pay only after approving each part of the paper sent to you by your chosen writer.

Before you approve each part, you can ask for an unlimited number of revisions absolutely for free. Contact your author via live chat and ask any questions or suggest ideas on how to improve your work. Moreover, at the stage of submitting an order you can upload all the additional material you have (drafts, outlines, and information given you by teachers) to make the work of your writer easier and faster.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work received, it’s better to contact your author immediately and point out the problems in the writing. Remember to set the deadline a few days before you have to submit your work at college, so your chosen author will have enough time to review the work and to make some minor fixes.

Contact our service any time needed and get professional help!