55 Awesome ‘King Lear’ Essay Topics for Everyone

King Lear Essay Topics

He is the most famous British writer of all time. His plays are produced all around the world in the most spectacular theaters. His sonnets are the greatest example of love lyrics. Yes, we are talking about William Shakespeare.

His extant works include 38 plays, so it wasn’t easy to choose one to concentrate our attention on. Although the plays “Hamlet” and “Othello” are considered to be more popular, our choice fell on “King Lear.” In this play, William Shakespeare touches on the wide range of social, moral, and psychological problems such as fatherhood, kingship, family relationships, madness, etc.

We have collected 55 amazing “King Lear” essay topics and divided them into categories according to the essay type: argumentative, analytical, and compare and contrast. Feel free to combine different topics or change them in order to produce your own topics for “King Lear.” There are Two Ways to Choose Essay Topics to Write about.

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King Lear Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics for King Lear

  1. The most important symbol in “King Lear.”
  2. How are the gender roles significant for the development of the plot in “King Lear”?
  3. The traits of Lear as a tragic hero.
  4. The difference between appearance and reality as the main theme of “King Lear.”
  5. How does power corrupt the heroes of “King Lear”?
  6. The contrast between reason and foolishness as a central idea of “King Lear.”
  7. Self-knowledge as a fundamental treat for Cordelia’s character.
  8. How does King Lear’s stubbornness ruin his life?
  9. Is there any possibility that King Lear suffers from Alzheimer’s disease?
  10. Do the characters of “King Lear” control their lives with help of reason and will, or do they allow animal instincts and indifferent forces affect their decisions?
  11. If Shakespeare provided the backstory for King Lear, would he portray Lear as a merciful or heartless ruler?
  12. Is contrast between Edgar’s fake insanity and Lear’s madness significant for the central idea of “King Lear”?
  13. Why is “King Lear” still relevant nowadays?
  14. “King Lear” is a play about family relationships.
  15. Is Lear a positive or negative character? How does the reader’s impression of him change during the course of “King Lear”?
  16. Is there any worldview shared by all characters of “King Lear”?
  17. Why is the flattery of the elder daughters more plausible for King Lear than the faithful words of the younger daughter at the beginning of the play?
  18. What character in “King Lear” can be considered as the root of evil?
  19. Why can the tragic ending of “King Lear” also be considered as a good one?
  20. What was the basis of the plot of “King Lear”?
  21. What are the origins of evil in “King Lear” by William Shakespeare? How the author has depicted good and evil characters?

King Lear Essay Topics

Analytical Essay Topics for King Lear

  1. Analyze how Shakespeare draws a parallel between physical blindness and blind confidence through the character of Gloucester.
  2. What are the causes of King Lear’s madness?
  3. Why is Shakespeare’s word choice significant for the play’s comprehension?
  4. What is the role of the Fool in the play?
  5. Loyalty and disloyalty in “King Lear.”
  6. How does the story of Gloucester and his sons add to the main plotline?
  7. A tragedy of kingship and fatherhood in “King Lear.”
  8. Why does the author insert the motif of blindness into the play “King Lear”?
  9. How does Shakespeare depict human nature in “King Lear”?
  10. What vices does Shakespeare condemn in “King Lear”?
  11. How does Shakespeare develop a theme of betrayal in his plays “King Lear” and “Othello”?
  12. What makes “King Lear” to reject his youngest daughter Cornelia?
  13. Describe the relationship between Lear and the Fool and its role in the play?
  14. What was the purpose of writing “King Lear”? Were there any issues that Shakespeare wanted to underscore?
  15. Analyze the connection between blindness and insanity in “King Lear.”
  16. How do the relationships between Lear and his daughters allow us to learn more about each character?
  17. How do the natural events add to the general storyline in “King Lear”?
  18. Analyze King Lear’s spiritual journey from the perspective of his psychological changes.
  19. Examine the causes of Lear’s and Gloucester’s sufferings. Are they similar?
  20. Why does Shakespeare’s “King Lear” have so many screen adaptations?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for King Lear

  1. Compare and contrast the characters of “King Lear” (Shakespeare) and “Oedipus the King” (Sophocles).
  2. Compare and contrast the characters of the three sisters: Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. Which character awakens the reader’s sympathy and why?
  3. Compare and contrast the characters of “King Lear” who base their lives on truth and the ones who base their lives on lies. How does it influence their fate?
  4. Compare and contrast the solipsism of Leontes from “The Winter’s Tale” and the madness of Lear from “King Lear.”
  5. Compare the portrayal of King Lear by Laurence Olivier (1983) and by Ian McKellen (2008).
  6. Compare and contrast the forms of insanity of “Hamlet” and “King Lear.”
  7. Compare and contrast the roles of male and female characters in “King Lear.”
  8. Compare the depiction of fatherhood in “King Lear” by Shakespeare and Father Goriot by Honore de Balzac.
  9. Examine similarities between the play “King Lear” and the movie “Godfather Part III.”
  10. Describe the common traits of two characters: Larry Cook (Jason Robards) from the movie “The Thousand Acres” with King Lear.
  11. Compare and contrast the play “King Lear” and the Japanese movie “Ran,” which is considered as an interpretation of Shakespeare’s play.
  12. Compare how Shakespeare in “King Lear” and Montaigne in “Essays” explore human reaction to misfortune.
  13. Compare and contrast the concept of familial loyalty represented in “Hamlet” and “King Lear.”
  14. Compare and contrast the role of lies in “King Lear” by Shakespeare and “Doll’s House” by Ibsen.
  15. Compare and contrast King Oedipus from Sophocles’ play and King Lear from Shakespeare’s play.

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