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Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essays Structure

Writing a compare and contrast essay involves determining the best way to present details. There are two main types of compare and contrast essay structures: the “alternating” structure and the “block” structure.

In alternating or point-by-point structure, you systematically compare each difference and similarity between the two subjects:
– Place your thesis statement in the opening paragraph.
– Discuss each point of similarity or contrast between the two objects.
– Summarize your main points and restate the thesis statement of your compare and contrast essay at the end of the paper.

In block or subject-by-subject pattern, divide the body of your essay in two parts. The first one should be devoted to one subject, while the other part will be oriented to the second subject. Writing a compare and contrast essay based on the block pattern should look like this:
– State the thesis in the opening paragraph.
– Discuss your first subject.
– Discuss your second subject.
– Summarize your main points and restate your thesis.

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