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Why Is Homework Important, and When Is It Not?

why is homework important

There are many discussions on the importance of homework nowadays. Some people say that homework is redundant, others that it is extremely necessary, and still others say it depends on the age of the students. Which claim is true? Actually, all depends on the educational program. In this article, you will find a list of advantages and disadvantages of homework, along with our comments on the issue. This article is aimed to motivate you to study.

Why Is Homework Important?

In this section, we will present the upsides of homework. Don’t perceive them as rules – it’s just food for thought.

  1. Students learn how to work on their own. When students are in class, they always have the ability to ask a teacher to explain certain maxims one more time and to give a recommendation on how to cope with a specific task. When a student is at home, he or she has to work alone, which is very important for their personal development. A child will never become an adult until he or she masters making decisions and being responsible. Though some children apply to their parents for help, from time to time they still have to work on their own.
  2. The lapses in the topic are easier to find. Homework helps students to find their lapses in a certain topic. When they work at home, they do their assignments on their own and it is easier for them to find which points are not clear. That way, they boost their ability to analyze their own work and understand what exactly they should study more. When the lapse is found, students have a choice – to dig into the topic to understand it, to ask the teacher for help the next day, or to just ignore the task. Obviously, the first decision is the most useful for personal evolution.
  3. Students evolve their researching skills. Obviously, when you are assigned with any task, you must conduct the research. The only distinguishing characteristic is the scale of the research. Anyway, students in class don’t have enough time for deep investigation because the time of the class is limited. Therefore, teachers assign extended tasks for home, such as term papers, big essays, presentations, and so on. These types of activities help students to develop their researching and analyzing skills. Also, these activities help them to create original ideas from the information that is already familiar. Today, when enormous amounts of information are received on a daily basis, it’s a crucial ability to pick out the most essential data.
  4. The time-management skills of students develop. School and college classes are limited in time. You need to follow this schedule. The other thing happens when you need to work at home after classes. You have several hours, some of which you have to spend on studying. Which one? The best way to get to know this is by practicing. Doing homework helps students to find out which hours are the most productive for them, and it also helps them to contemplate their own schedule. Students who do homework all the time are more organized. This characteristic is very helpful when building your career.
  5. Students comprehend which directions of studying are more interesting. Each student is aware of which subjects are more interesting for him or her. Unfortunately, the educational program doesn’t often give the opportunity to examine the issue from many sides in class. In this case, you are able to deepen in the topic while doing homework. When you are doing homework, you fill the gaps that occurred when you were listening to the teacher in class. From learning the topic more painstakingly, students find out what subjects are more exciting for them and they can use it when choosing the profession.

Why Is Homework Redundant?

As we already mentioned, the importance of homework is an arguable issue and we need to present the arguments of both sides.

  1. Students don’t get used to improvising. Some students, who get used to performing well in class when they work hard on their homework, can find themselves too nervous when they have to improvise. And on the contrary, students who regularly ignore doing homework are good at improvising. Why is it actually important? Life is changeable and you can’t be prepared for everything. When you have to take urgent steps in a force majeure situation, you will have to improvise, and it’s better to keep calm in such situations. If you are not adjusted to acting spontaneously, you won’t feel comfortable in the cases when you have to.
  2. Homework reduces the amount of time for communication. Humans are social animals and one of their major needs is communication. A large amount of homework can negatively influence the social life of the child. All children know that they are obligated to do homework. Unlike adults, children don’t understand that their effectiveness in studying also depends on their overall satisfaction in life. To develop a harmonious and fulfilled personality, students should not spend all of their free time on studying. They should also communicate with their family and friends – some important rules of life are not taught in school.
  3. Students feel fatigue and nervousness. Most students permanently feel the pressure. As a result, some of them feel constant fatigue. Superfluous brain activities can cause various psychological disorders, such as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, panic disorder, and others. To avoid such consequences, students should have rest every now and then. When students are assigned with many home tasks every day, they can feel miserable and begin to hate studying. The main point is that people should have enough rest, and large amounts of homework can hinder this.
  4. There is less time for extracurricular activities. Besides school, a student can attend other classes, such as dance, music, or cooking classes – it depends on the interests of each person. When children and adolescents have a lot of homework to do, they usually don’t have time and energy for other activities. A person who is focused on one type of activity can think that life is too monotonous. Such determination can cause dangerous consequences, such as taking drugs or suffering from a depression.

Though the quantity of arguments which support the importance of homework is greater, it doesn’t mean that homework must be assigned each day. It all depends on the proportion of work in class and at home. In our opinion, if students have enough time to be engaged in other activities besides studying and have enough time for proper rest, homework will only be helpful without the downsides.

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