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Why Homework Is Bad or Good

why homework is bad

What children do at home is a continuation of what they do in school. It should not be forgotten that there is a direct dependence here.To date, from our point of view, the problem of homework is a problem related to teachers’ methods. Everything that students did not finish in the classroom is assigned as homework. The majority of students are probably against this kind of homework. It is clear that the burden on the student in the senior classes is overbearing, and greatly exceeds worker’s official 40-hour work week. They often need to spend 60 hours a week for studying and doing homework. We need to understand why homework is bad, and if we should accepting this, stop reacting to it, or try to change this situation.

Integrating homework in some way using logic and methodology is meaningless, since each person has his or her own abilities, and can solve tasks in a unique own way: someone will do it in five minutes, while another will do it in more than an hour. The first is probably to consider the problem of homework with teachers, to hear their opinion, because the recommendations of the school management will not be objective, since everything depends on the skill of the teachers. Secondly, we agree that parents should be directly involved in this process, since any parent should know what the school is like and what their children are studying there. Therefore, the fact that homework should exist, in our opinion, is not even discussed. But the question on why homework is bad still bothers numerous students.

How Homework Is Given

It seems to us that children should not wait for the teacher to improve their skills to the point where all the teachers in the school reach a high level. At the same time, it seems to me that the question of assignment of homework is a matter for a separate educational institution, and, perhaps, even for a separate structural unit within the framework of a large educational organization. Professional control of the electronic journal, the performance of the homework, and the people who are directly responsible for the educational result is paramount. Coordination is needed within the framework of the subject curriculum in a specialized high school. Therefore, probably, if we are talking about the individualization of the curriculum, and the future is still behind in this method beginning with the middle and high schools, then there should not be large volumes of homework. If the children are now asked whether they need a homework assignment or not, the answer will be quite an unambiguous and massive “No!” However, discussing the problem with motivated children and listening to them is needed. After all, high school students can conduct absolutely sensible dialogues with adults.

Many people think that the problem that is posed to us today is unsolvable. The thing is that in general it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether a homework assignment is necessary or not. We support those who are for homework, as they have sound reasoning, but at the same time, we support those who are against, because they are also right in their own way. How can you find the right solution between these two positions? We do not know, and perhaps it is something that is hard to figure out.

Why can’t we answer this question? Any pedagogical problem that we put before the pedagogical community or before ourselves is connected with the problem of teachers, and the teachers are different; it is connected also with the problem of students, and they are also all different; and it is connected with the problem of parents, and they, too, are not the same. What should be done in this case? Someone says: “Our children together with their parents do their homework in the evenings in the kitchen!” Is there such a thing? There is! So what? Is homework therefore not necessary? But in another case, parents are thoughtfully working with the child, and he or she does the homework, and the mother comes home from work and checks it. In the third case, parents do not even look at this homework, and they do not need to look into it.

Should You Have Homework?

Our argument is as follows: We are for homework, for having homework. But here is another issue: we have met different teachers who look at their work and homework as an essential part of this process in different ways. Such teachers existed 60 years ago, 50 years ago, 20 years ago, and such teachers exist today and will exist in 100 years. This is unshakable. How can it be otherwise?

Homework for us is important because, firstly, it strengthens the material that the student received in the lesson. You can strengthen it in different ways, and different teachers do it differently. The second and more important role of the homework is that the homework time is when the child develops the skills of independent activity. There is no exemplary lesson in which the teacher will not be able to create this situation, because he or she is present in the lesson. Even if children perform the task on their own, the teacher’s presence in the classroom completely psychologically deprives them of the independence that they acquire at home, when they are alone, and their parents are at work. It is very important to develop a child’s skills, which will then be useful in life in any activity. The homework of the child to some extent (and, incidentally, to a very large extent) forms such independence.

The question now changes: first, how should a lesson be conducted so that the child’s homework is completed at home with interest and the student does not notice how homework time passes? These figures – 2.5 hours, 3.5 hours for the work – always demonstrate the load children have, as for some people this is extremely important, but in fact it is problematic, because you can not compare the life of a 15-year-old person to an adult’s life. An adult works, as well as a student, but they have different ages, different experiences of life, different temperaments, and different levels of energy, so the hour of work of a fifteen-year-old student is not equivalent to an hour of work for an adult – this is very important to understand. We do not understand when these figures are compared. Teachers need to think about how to build a lesson in such a way that it logically implies the homework that the child will complete at home. What does it depend on? It depends on the professional culture of the teacher.

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