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What you Need for Writing a Narrative Essay

Writing a Narrative Essay

The perfect narrative essay presents a story in a descriptive and creative way, while also guiding the reader toward a lesson or insight.

Have a purpose

Narrative essays have a point. But it’s not enough to write just about the experience. You should also describe what you learned from the experience so the reader can gain insight. The goal has to be clear in the beginning of your paper and echoed in the last paragraph.

Include vivid descriptions

Good essays make the audience feel like they are a part of the story. You can accomplish this by providing vivid descriptions about people, events and places. It is always great to include sensory details when you write a paper, such as what you touched, tasted, saw, or heard. Your descriptions should include observations and reflections. They will make your writing a narrative essay more engaging and dynamic.

Organize your essay

A perfect narrative essay is well organized so the reader can clearly understand the sequencing of events and the purpose of the essay. When writinig a narrative essay, present a clear introduction to help the reader understand why the story is important. Present your story in a logical way so the time line of events is clear. Notice that personal narrative essays feel natural when written in first person. End your essay with a powerful paragraph that captures the meaning or purpose of the story.

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