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Wedding Ceremony Essay Sample

wedding ceremony essay samplePhoto by Jeremy Wong on Stocksnap.io

The Two Unique Features of a Traditional Macedonian Wedding

The first image that comes to mind when thinking of weddings is one of ringing church bells, a castle-like venue, and a long white wedding dress. However, a traditional Macedonian wedding prides itself on many other unique features, such as the customs, the folk music, as well as the wedding costumes.

Firstly, a traditional Macedonian wedding is rich with many unusual yet meaningful customs. One of them is shaving the groom’s beard on the morning of the wedding day, which symbolizes his separation from his family (Jenny). Then, he goes to take the bride away, along with a gypsy band performing wedding songs to which the people dance, joining hands in a circle.

The second feature of the traditional Macedonian wedding is the wedding costumes of the bride and groom. The bridal costume, which is still worn during the annual summer wedding festival in the village of Galichnik, is a crimson and white costume made of 46 elements, while the groom’s costume, on the other hand, consists of only a black coarse jacket and hat (Katina).

In conclusion, Macedonian weddings do not differ much from weddings in general, as they serve to celebrate the union between the bride and the groom. Nonetheless, the special wedding customs, the traditional folk music, and the wedding outfits are what add uniqueness to this wonderful occasion.

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