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Methods to Get Boring Homework Done

homework are boring

When students do not know how to motivate themselves to do homework, the struggle for knowledge becomes painful. We offer nine ways of motivating yourself if your assignments for homework are boring.

Method number 1: Positive attitude

If you say to yourself the following words, “I know that homework is not exactly what I want to do, but it is necessary to do,” then this will be the surest way to demotivate yourself. On the contrary, you should think positively, based on the three main goals of the homework:

  • Repeat what you have learned at school. In addition, you will learn something new and interesting. It’s easy and useful.
  • It’s good that when you do your homework, you learn how to do it yourself, apart from the class. It will help you in life.
  • How well you learn to plan your time will come in handy to you later in life.

Method number 2: Convenient workplace

The workplace should be convenient from the point of view of correct sitting posture and availability of necessary supplies for study. The location of the student depends on the type of occupation that he or she performs. For writing works, the most suitable place is a desk. Professor S.M. Grombach, who made a huge contribution to the theoretical foundations of hygiene and health of children and adolescents, pointed out that “the presence of a sufficient number of support points is the first condition for correct sitting.”

Correct sitting posture includes:

  • The feet are placed on the floor or the footboard, and the legs form right angles or angles of 100-110 degrees in the knee and hip joints.
  • At least 2/3 – 3/4 of the length of the thigh should be in the seat.
  • Support for the waist should be in the back of the chair.
  • Both hands should be present with support on the elbows on the table, and the shoulders at the same level.
  • The inclination of the trunk and head strictly forward (not to the side) should be no more than 15-20 degrees.
  • The distance from the eyes to the workplace is about 12 inches.
  • There should be free distance between the chest and the desk.

For reading books, students can choose more convenient places: an armchair, a sofa, a carpet on the floor. But this is the zone of your increased attention for studies, and it is important to keep in mind the distance from your eyes to the book. In any case, ensure that you have enough light above the work surface. It is best if the desk is at a window. Daylight or artificial light must fall either directly or from the side opposite from the writing hand. If the total artificial light in the room has yellow or white light, then the table lamp should echo it.

Method number 3. Create an atmosphere for study

Even if your assignments for homework are boring, turn off the music and the TV, and do not distract yourself with telephone conversations. Some students assure that music helps them to perform tasks. It may be appropriate in some cases for some students, but more often the noise background allows you to correctly perform simpler tasks. More complex exercises require considerable concentration in the absence of noises.

Method number 4: Educate yourself

Your task is only to help yourself to do the exercises. Bring up in yourself the desire for healthy independence. However, you can ask a professor to direct you in the right direction and only slightly push, having set the necessary course. Having reached the destination, you will receive praise and approval from your professor and a good grade.

Method number 5: Teach yourself to plan your time

Don’t know how to get boring homework done? The role of the homework is not only to help yourself better remember what has been done, but also to teach you how to plan your time and organize yourself. Plan and schedule a day and a week, which includes time periods for both fast and long-term homework assignments, as well as leisure activities free from school matters. It is useful (if possible) to alternate between simple and complex tasks.

Method number 6: Set goals

If the completed schedule is not enough to activate the process of self-organization, try to create a target table. This strategy can be very useful for improving the progress and development of self-reliance skills. When doing the homework and noting the results of achievements in the table, you will see the immediate results of your activities, and therefore, can independently assess your work. Increasing self-esteem and improving the performance of labor will be a strong incentive for you in your future work.

To do this you will need:

  • Divide your homework into parts. Each part should have a quite achievable goal. Determine the time required for its execution and the allowable number of errors. For example, 10 examples should be solved in 10 minutes with 2 acceptable errors.
  • Use a kitchen timer or an alarm clock to control the time period allocated for each part. The main thing is that you are able to control the remaining time for solving the problem. You wake up in the morning not from insomnia, but from the “loved” alarm clock. Take time for the homework and set the alarm. As a result, you’ll know when to start doing assignments and when to finish. When you hear the alarm clock ring, you’ll start tuning in to work. In addition, after hearing the signal in the beginning, you will be able to complete all the cases and start doing homework. We know how it happens – “now I have five minutes more to talk with my friend and I’ll do my homework,” or “oh, cool video, I’ll watch it and immediately start doing homework.” Also, the alarm clock will help you make breaks. Set the timer for 45-60 minutes and after a call, distract yourself from work for 10 minutes. After even such a short break, you will feel that the head is fresh and the material is remembered faster and easier.
  • To teach yourself to be independent, determine the number of admissible applications of yourself for help.
  • Add the results to the table not only daily, but also output the overall indicator at the end of the week. Thus, you can set new goals for the next week, aimed at improving performance. The main thing is to put the goal that is achievable for you, gradually complicating the task – otherwise, having not reached the goal at the beginning of the path, you will lose interest in the game.

Method number 7: Close all tabs on the Internet

If you work at a computer, close all the tabs in your browser that you do not need for homework. You will be able to fully concentrate on doing homework and spend less time. So, if you want to know how to get boring homework done, simply forget about all the distractions.

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