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Tips for Writing a Term Paper Outline for Each Student

term paper outline.

An important factor in creating a term paper is the term paper outline. A clear and thoroughly developed outline saves students from unnecessary work, which concerns attempts to saturate the text with virtually all the material found on the research problem. It allows you to plan the work schedule in a qualitative way.

The ideal option is to meet with a supervisor in the autumn months and discuss the possible topic of the term paper to prepare for the possible defense of your work in the spring. After the meeting and conversation you can get acquainted with certain scientific literature. Without giving in to excessive haste, clarify the wording of the topic and draw up a competent term paper outline.
In the future, it can be adjusted or completely changed, but it will in any case become a good guide for any student. Undoubtedly, in real time, the actions described earlier are usually carried out in a short time. This is the reason for the poor quality of materials prepared for the defense and the appearance of many problems.

In essence, a term paper summary is a brief description of its logical structure, which includes basic and minor issues, as well as various classifications. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly identify the main sections, to define subsections that are divided into other smaller parts. Numbering them will be the best option. During the analysis of the scientific literature it is convenient to adhere to these numbers. They serve as a mark of corresponding extracts or photocopied texts.

The standard requirements for a term paper are that the main content consists of an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The relevance is shown in the introduction of the topic, the degree of development in science is indicated, the choice of the topic is justified, the goals and objectives and tasks are formulated, the main sources are listed, and the historiography of the problem and the methods of research are described.

In the main part, an extensive exposition of the results is given. It usually includes from two to four chapters or sections, divided into subsections or paragraphs.

The term paper summary is compiled according to the following rules:

  • Compliance with the logic of the presentation. Each section is interconnected with the previous one by name and content.
  • The content of a particular section corresponds completely to its name. The same names should not be in the work.
  • One sentence represents the name of a section or subsection, not a few.

The conclusion concludes with a brief description on all the work done. It clearly demonstrates the student’s ability to create a final thought. It is convenient to formulate the summary on the basis of the finished conclusions made at the end of the corresponding sections of the work.

How to Write an Abstract for a Term Paper

What is an abstract? An abstract is a summary of the work, articles, manuals, etc. When writing dissertations, term papers, theses, and other kinds of scientific works, the abstract is their integral part. It includes the main theses of the primary text, rarely characterized by the composition of the text. It consists, as a rule, of simple sentences. Through reading a brief description of the article or manual, you can easily understand whether this material is necessary for further work.

Basic requirements for an abstract:

  • Conciseness and concreteness of the contents of the presented thoughts.
  • A neutral method of presenting the material and lack of recommendations for the use of the document.

Types of abstracts:

  • Background. It refines the ambiguous title and gives basic information about the author, genre, and other features of the text, which are not in the bibliographic description.
  • Recommended. It aims at active advertising of the primary text, raising interest, and attracting attention and conviction that it is necessary to get acquainted with the document. Therefore, such descriptions have a didactic orientation and contain methodological advice. They are usually written in an accessible language.

What is the average volume of an abstract? The number of characters in this short description varies, as a rule, from 1,000-1,500. Sometimes in the case of large term paper projects, the abstract can reach 2,000 characters, since the primary document contains a significant number of chapters. An extended description is also made for international scientific conferences. Its volume can reach 2,000 characters, and in this case it is already approaching the list of extended abstracts.

The structure of the brief description is as follows:

  1. The title of the article, the report, the manual, the work, etc. The title of the work should be extremely clear, so that after reading it, it is clear what is being investigated and for what purpose. From the title, the reader must understand whether he or she needs to read further.
  2. In the case of a dissertation or term paper, the project manager is also mentioned. When composing information about the author of a term paper or dissertation, do not forget to specify the faculty, course, and specialization of the author of the work.
  3. The actual text of the description.

Try to use the typical speech for the given genre when writing the text: “The article considers the following principles …” “The manual indicates the main techniques …” “The work focuses on …” etc.

An outline is a mature plan for your term paper. If you were not too lazy and wrote an outline for the term paper, you can safely give it out as a plan, with perhaps a little adjusting. Well, if you did not do it, write a term paper can be more difficult for you. The outline acts as the entire structure of the term paper, and depends on the topic. The topic is certainly not the main thing! Of course, the outline of the term paper depends on the recommendations of the department.

In order to correctly compose the outline of the term paper, you need to divide your work into a theoretical part and practical part. In the theoretical part, all the material that is the basis of your research will be collected, and, respectively, in the practical part, everything that you managed to find out will be included.

There may be more than two chapters, but no less. Chapters, in turn, are divided into paragraphs, smaller elements of the study (it is desirable to provide some conclusions after each chapter or paragraph). Each of the above elements must have its own name and number. The chapters and paragraphs constitute the main text of the term paper. After your outline is written, you can go on to write the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

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