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Thought-Provoking Essay Topics for Macbeth

essay-topics-for-macbethShakespeare’s tragic play ‘Macbeth’ impresses anyone who reads it. This literary masterpiece touches upon important issues, such as excessive thirst for power and the betrayal of friends. It is filled with peculiar characters and characterizing any of them can form essay topics for ‘Macbeth’. But you can create a more interesting essay if you compare different subjects of the play. You can speak about figures, their relationships, acts, and also you may think of the notions of morality, courage, and power.

We have prepared a list of essay topics for ‘Macbeth’ that is divided into 2 parts.

Essay Topics List 1

This list concerns the characters of the play – their differences, similarities, the way of their thinking and acting.

  • Compare and contrast the main male figures of the play. What do they have in common? What are their differences? Can you admit that Macbeth is the antihero of the play and Banquo or Macduff its hero?
  • Think about Macbeth’s phantoms and visions. Do you believe that they negatively influenced his progress as a character?
  • Who is guilty for King Duncan’s death: Macbeth himself or his wife? Is it fair to give the ‘title’ of ‘the most evil character’ to Lady Macbeth? If you consider so, give your arguments.
  • Look at Lady Macbeth’s effect on her husband behavior? Do you agree that her influence became less noticeable than it was at first?
  • The witches predicted that Banquo’s child will be the king. Should we suppose that the way he reacted after hearing the divination show us his real character?
  • The witches are among the most significant characters in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. What are they like in the play? What role does the author give them?

Essay Topics List 2

There are themes that concern the whole play – you are to think about abstract categories.

  • What place does the morality take in Macbeth? Do you believe that the play ends with a win for integrity? Prove your opinion.
  • The scene with somnambulism is one of the most meaningful in the play. Compare this scene with the general course of the drama and explore Lady Macbeth’s revelation.
  • Analyze supernatural themes in ‘Macbeth’. Do not forget to mention the ghost, three witches, and the apparitions.
  • ‘Fair is foul and foul is fair’. The main gist of the play is that noble principals and morality can not resist power.
  • Do you remember Macbeth’s words: ‘Life’s but a walking shadow . . . signifying nothing.’ Is it true that Shakespeare tried to convey the idea that life has no sense?
  • According to your impression and understanding of the text, give the portrait of the best king. Who fits this role better than other figures?
  • Pay attention to the place of blood in the text, especially instantly after Duncan was killed and then in the end. Does it mean anything for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth on a symbolic level?

You may use these essay topics for ‘Macbeth’ or search for more Essay Topics for High School that Reveal Your Abilities. Anyway, we wish you inspiration.

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