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Macbeth Essay Topics to Deal With a Writing Tragedy


The best thing about Shakespearean plays is that they remain relevant, even though they were created more than 400 years ago! And that’s how we know that nothing can change human nature. Although we have surrounded ourselves with modern technologies, organic food, and equality acts, we still struggle to fight our inner demons: greed, ambitions, violence, jealousy, and others.

Shakespeare’s tragic play “Macbeth” impresses anyone who reads it. No wonder it has so many cinematic, literary, and musical adaptations. This brilliant masterpiece touches upon important issues, such as the excessive thirst for power, unhealthy relationships, obsession, and the betrayal of friends.

In the play “Macbeth,” William Shakespeare develops all these themes and many others. That’s why we’ve decided to create this exhaustive collection of essay topics on “Macbeth.” We are sure that they are going to be an excellent source of inspiration and ideas for you. Don’t hesitate to pick one of the topics and create an amazing A-level essay!

We promise that you’ll find the best “Macbeth” essay topics ever in our article below. We have collected 70 various essay topics on “Macbeth” for different requirements and different essay types:

  • Argumentative essay topics on “Macbeth” will be a great choice for those who like to defend a certain opinion and enforce their viewpoint with strong arguments.
  • Comparative essay topics for “Macbeth” will help you to look at ordinary things from unusual angles and learn more about the characters and events in the tragedy.
  • Critical essay topics on “Macbeth” are not for professional critics but for students who enjoy reading and like doing literary analyses.
  • Analytical essay topics for “Macbeth” are for those who like to dig deep and analyze different aspects of the play: motives, themes, behavioral patterns, etc.
  • Essay topics on “Macbeth” about women characters focus on the issue of gender roles and the main heroine Lady Macbeth, who is a truly strong and self-motivated, but cruel woman.
  • Unusual essay topics for “Macbeth” are an appropriate option for risky writers who are not afraid of an extraordinary approach to classic literature.
  • More essay topics on “Macbeth” to consider is our last, but no less important, list for students who don’t like any categories and just want to have fun and practice their writing skills.

We are 100% sure that you’ll find more than one impressive topic for your writing on our list. However, if you don’t want to do something more than just choose a topic, our service at is at your disposal! We are ready to accomplish the most challenging tasks at affordable prices. Fill in our simple ordering form and get a quick result!

Enjoy the best “Macbeth” essay topics and score better grades with help from!

argumentative essay topics macbeth

Argumentative Essay Topics on “Macbeth”

  1. Whom is to blame for Duncan’s death?
  2. “Macbeth” by Shakespeare is a moral play.
  3. Why can’t morality stave off the thirst for power in “Macbeth”?
  4. What is more significant for Macbeth’s fate: the prophecy or his own actions?
  5. Macbeth is the most dynamic tragic hero in Shakespeare’s plays.
  6. Is Macbeth a more tragic hero than his wife?
  7. Manipulation in family relationships in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”
  8. Which of Macbeth’s betrayals is worse: the betrayal of his friend Manquo or his king Duncan?
  9. Is Macbeth actually guilty?
  10. Would Macbeth become a king without the influence of the prophecy?

comparative essay topics for macbeth

Comparative Essay Topics for “Macbeth”

  1. Compare and contrast the downfalls in “Macbeth” with Jack from “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding.
  2. Compare and contrast the behavior of Macbeth and Banquo after they’ve heard the prophecy.
  3. Compare and contrast the play “Macbeth” and the cinematic adaptation directed by Rupert Goold.
  4. Compare and contrast the witches from “Macbeth” and gods from the “Iliad.”
  5. Compare and contrast the main heroes from Shakespearean plays “Richard II” and “Macbeth.”
  6. Compare and contrast the role of soliloquies in Shakespearean plays “Macbeth” and “Hamlet.”
  7. Compare and contrast the play “Macbeth” and its adaptation created by Justin Kurzel in 2015.
  8. Compare and contrast the roles of Gertrude in “Hamlet” and Lady Macbeth in “Macbeth.”
  9. Compare and contrast the historical background in “Macbeth” by Shakespeare and “Throne of Blood” directed by Akira Kurosawa.
  10. Compare and contrast the role of phantoms in “Macbeth” and “Hamlet.”

macbeth tragedy essay topics

Critical Essay Topics on Macbeth

  1. Macbeth as the antihero in the Shakespearean play.
  2. Senselessness of life as the main idea of “Macbeth.”
  3. The symbolic meaning of blood in the play “Macbeth.”
  4. Darkness as a setting for the play “Macbeth.”
  5. The theme of sleep in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”
  6. The representation of remorse in “Macbeth” by Shakespeare.
  7. Free will and determinism in the tragedy “Macbeth.”
  8. Aristotle’s archetypes in the play “Macbeth.”
  9. What literary devices does Shakespeare use to describe the deterioration of Macbeth’s character?
  10. How do mythological elements contribute to the plot of “Macbeth”?

best macbeth essay topics

Analytical Essay Topics for Macbeth

  1. The negative influence of phantoms on Macbeth’s sanity.
  2. The role of morality in the play “Macbeth.”
  3. Analyze the representation of the supernatural in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”
  4. Obsession with power as a driving force of the plot in “Macbeth.”
  5.  Why was a fear the main reason for Duncan’s murder?
  6. The connection between language and gender in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”
  7. Different types of masculinity in “Macbeth” by Shakespeare.
  8. The root of evil in Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth.”
  9. The conflict between appearance and reality in the play “Macbeth.”
  10. The significance of dreams in the Shakespearean “Macbeth.”
  11. Analyze the development of Macbeth’s character throughout the play.
  12. Obsession with murder in the tragedy “Macbeth.”
  13. Different forms of power in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”
  14. Dramatic irony as a literary device in “Macbeth.”
  15. The role of social hierarchy in the play “Macbeth.”

macbeth essay topics

Essay Topics on “Macbeth” About Women Characters

  1. Lady Macbeth is the most evil character in the play “Macbeth.”
  2. The impact of Lady Macbeth on her husband’s actions.
  3. How does the scene with somnambulism reveal Lady Macbeth’s character?
  4. Is Lady Macbeth a typical woman of the 16th century?
  5. Are women characters symbols of Macbeth’s fate?
  6. Shakespeare’s overall view of women in his play “Macbeth.”
  7. Is Lady Macbeth a dominant heroine?
  8. Feminist ideas in the Shakespearean play “Macbeth.”
  9. How is Lady Macbeth a “perfect wife” for her husband?
  10. Why does Lady Macbeth ask spirits to “unsex” her?

essay topics for macbeth

Unusual Essay Topics for Macbeth

  1. According to your impression and understanding of the text, give the portrait of the best king. Who fits this role better than other figures?
  2. Is the main hero of the play “Macbeth” a psychopath?
  3. Would Macbeth choose the dark side of the Force if he was a hero of “Star Wars”?
  4. Write a narrative essay from the viewpoint of Lady Macbeth after her husband became a king.
  5. The seven deadly sins in the play “Macbeth.”
  6. Compare Vladimir Putin to the main character of the play “Macbeth.”
  7. How are the id, ego, and superego shown in the play “Macbeth?”
  8. The character of Macbeth as a good leader.
  9. Would Macbeth be successful in modern society?
  10. What corrupted Macbeth more: promise of power or power itself?
  11. The connection between the tragedy “Macbeth” and Greek myths.
  12. The similarities and differences between the characters of Lady Macbeth and Eurydice, mother of Alexander the Great, in the movie “Alexander” (2004).
  13. What symptoms of mental diseases does Macbeth demonstrate?
  14. Write a narrative essay about the events after Macbeth’s death from the viewpoint of Malcolm.
  15. Whose death is the most tragic in the play “Macbeth”?

 Lists of Topics for Essay on Macbeth

More Essay Topics on “Macbeth” to Consider

  1. Can we call Macbeth conscienceless?
  2. What is more important in the play “Macbeth”: supernatural forces or psychological deviations?
  3. Whose death seems to be more tragic in the play “Macbeth”?
  4. How is “Macbeth” historically accurate?
  5. What is Macbeth’s hamartia?
  6. Can Macbeth be considered as a hesitant character at the end of the play?
  7. Lie as a separate character in the play “Macbeth.”
  8. Why has the tragedy “Macbeth” become a classic?
  9. Can nobility change human nature according to the play “Macbeth”?
  10.  Social issues in the tragedy “Macbeth.”

We hope that our list of 70 essay topics for “Macbeth” has become a source of valuable information and creative ideas for you. Now is the right time to pick one to write a brilliant essay! Choose wisely according to your instructions and personal tastes. Remember that any piece of writing will be better if the author is interested in its topic.

If you are not in the right mood for writing, but the deadline is coming, you are welcome to use our services on You’ll be able to choose the writer you like the most, and with a few clicks, order your future essay or any other type of paper: book review, research paper, coursework, etc. Don’t forget to leave detailed instructions for our writers. Mention the number of pages, formatting style, deadline date, and other significant features.

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