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The Grapes of Wrath Essay


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What is the purpose of the unusual name of the daughter (Rose of Sharon)?

The book “The Grapes of Wrath” is one of the most iconic narrations of the depression era (1). From every character, the reader gets perspective of reactions to uncertainty, following the description of the surrounding poverty, and its effects. It is abandoning of moral values, being offered in sacrifice to the Gods of economic progress, the disappearance of the solidarity and the imposing of the material welfare.

But, in the middle of this desolated, drought punished prairies, a totally unexpected humanitarian gesture from a formerly selfish, self-centered female character gives back to the reader the lost hope (2). Sharon is, according to the Bible, a prairie, a flat land. After that wonderful gesture, she becomes the Rose of Sharon.

In order to fully understand the entire deepness of the history message, we need to have a comprehension about the Rose of Sharon character. The girl provides an image of being entirely foreign to the situations other people are living (3). It´s just the way she is, and that´s it. Her reluctance to attend to her Grampa´s burial is another showing of her selfishness and even coldness. For the modern reader, it´s not hard to judge her by splitting from her family to make a different living, a better and most comfortable one.

The episode of her mother with the police in the tent is an inflection point in her maturing process. Even knowing the situation they were going through, she was pushy with her husband. We may finish the article by assuring that, after the girl was exposed to events with some parallelism to the harsh environment they had to travel through, finally she gets to flourish in a valuable showing of human solidarity. That led her to honor her name of Rose of Sharon, or Rose of Prairies.

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