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Successful Philosophy Essay Writing

Philosophy Essay Writing

Writing a philosophy paper is not enough just to present some information, even if it is really relevant. The writer is supposed to show an argument and support it with necessary reasons. Have you received detailed instructions from your tutor how to writer this type of paper? If not – our guide is for you.

Philosophy Essay Writing Steps

1. Create a thesis statement. It should be one-two sentences long asserting your point of view on a particular issue. This statement is usually written in the philosophy paper introduction. Just determine your position before writing to find the best arguments – be specific.
2. Start writing your paper with introduction. This part of paper helps readers to understand the essay better. It should be concise, present your topic and explain its importance.
3. Essay body is the largest paper part including:

  • arguments and views exposition
  • your personal arguments
  • consideration of counterarguments.

Each paragraph of philosophy essay should present separate idea, or several related points. Be attentive organizing your paragraphs, define topic sentence (controlling idea) and make it a starting point for developing your viewpoint.

4. Write the conclusion. The main aim of this essay part is to present a summary to your argument and restate the thesis statement.

Philosophy Essay Topic Ideas

Writing a philosophy paper is not enough to know the paper structure – it is really important to choose suitable topic to research and write on. And it is not necessarily to get ideas on philosophical issues only – there exist such notions as philosophy of art or philosophy of religion, for example. We will present some suggestions for you:

  • Art censorship.
  • Violence in movies (cartoons).
  • Freedom and tolerance of religion.
  • Darwin’s impact on the political philosophy of Hitler.
  • The financing of science by government.
  • Danger of virtual reality.
  • Birth control regulated by government.
  • Good reasons in believing in God existence.
  • What is the difference between illusion and reality?
  • Comparison with modern and old philosophers.

Philosophy Essay Writing Help

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