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Starbucks Essay Sample

Why does Starbucks give you free coffee on your birthday?

The company under consideration is Starbucks. It is a well-known world-wide brand,
which specializes in fast-made coffee for its clients. The company has branches in a lot of
countries in the world. It is probably the largest company from this industry. Moreover, it is one
of the leaders in the overall business world.

One of the keys to such significant success of the company is its loyalty program. The
company sells not a simple coffee, but rather positive emotions, considered with drinking coffee.

That is why people come back again to the company’s stores again and again. Therefore, a large
number of loyal customers is a key driver of the company’s financial success and development.
“True loyalty is based on emotion. A brand with truly loyal customers doesn’t need to
bribe them with mathematically predictable freebies. But, that doesn’t mean programs
that reward loyalty are ineffective” (Dooley).

Giving a free coffee to a customer’s birthday is a part of the company’s loyalty program.
The company shows that it appreciates the customers. On the other hand, such steps proves that the company’s values are not only development and financial success, but also a high degree of satisfaction of customers. It creates a great basis of loyal clients.

However, in order to have such a privilege, a client should have the company’s card.
According to Investopedia (2015), there are about 10 million members of Starbucks’ loyalty
program. It is a stable basis of the company’s further development. Moreover, the company is
going to attract a lot of new customers, because of positive image, created by such attitude to

Dooley, R. (2013). Starbucks: Loyalty Program Misfire. Retrieved October 19, 2015, from
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