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Research Topics in Computer Science Suggested for All

Research topics in computer science

Research in the field of computer science often grows into a project with a practical result. It can be a developed program, presentation, website, application, etc. In this section of the research topics in computer science, we have gathered topics on the history of computers, number systems, algorithms, programming and web programming, spreadsheet work in Microsoft Excel, presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, graphics, flash, and video and 3D editors.

The following research topics in computer science can be taken as a basis, supplemented, expanded, and modified. The given themes of research works and projects on computer science are recommended for students who take great interest in computer science, researches and novelties in the field of IT-technologies, electronics, programming, ICT, etc.

Number Systems

Research topics in computer science on the number systems:

  1. Arithmetic operations in positional number systems.
  2. Derivation of divisibility signs in various number systems.
  3. Binary notation.
  4. Actions on numbers in various number systems.
  5. Ancient number systems.
  6. History of number systems.
  7. Non-decimal number systems.
  8. From ordinary fractions to binary ones.
  9. Positional number systems.
  10. Representing numbers using number systems.
  11. Signs of divisibility in different number systems.
  12. Roman numeral system.
  13. Numerical systems of the Ancient World.
  14. Methods of representing numbers in different number systems.

The History of the Computer and the Internet

Research topics in computer science on the history of computers:

  1. Abacus and its varieties.
  2. The von Neumann computer architecture.
  3. OpenGL and DirectX libraries: history and perspectives.
  4. Computing facilities of past years.
  5. The history of the internet.
  6. The history of the development of computer technology.
  7. The history of the number system and the development of computers.
  8. From the account of using fingers to the personal computer.
  9. The first electronic computers.
  10. The lathe, or mechanical computer.
  11. What is a punch card?


Themes of research works on computer science on algorithms:

  1. Algorithms: algorithms are among us.
  2. Algorithms in our lives.
  3. Algorithms for solving text problems.
  4. Algorithms for extracting square and cubic roots.
  5. Algorithms for solving equations.
  6. Algorithms: structural approach in algorithmization.
  7. Algorithms for the manufacture of ornaments.


Themes of research works and projects on programming:

  1. Automated system for monitoring visits to an educational institution.
  2. Automated system for personal data management of school students.
  3. AWP of a teacher.
  4. Animation using coordinates.
  5. The geometry of linear programming problems.
  6. The Delphi application of the construction of graphs of basic mathematical functions.
  7. Use of computer technologies for the implementation of solutions of linear equations systems.
  8. Research of information conductivity of social networks.
  9. Artificial satellites of the Earth.
  10. A program for learning English with a computer.
  11. Cryptographic methods of information protection.
  12. Methodical tool of programming on Pascal dynamic data structures.
  13. Modeling in Microsoft Excel and Turbo-Pascal.
  14. The simplest algorithms in QBasic.
  15. Programming the solution of equations.
  16. A program for testing.
  17. The application of dynamic programming for solving extreme problems.
  18. The application of linear programming in agriculture.
  19. The application of linear programming in the organization of rail transportation.
  20. Design and configuration of the database in 1C.
  21. Development and use of a network test shell.
  22. Collection of Flash animations for preschoolers.
  23. The internet and its use in information technology training for schoolchildren.
  24. Modern programming languages of the C family.
  25. Modern languages of web programming.
  26. Creating entertaining tests.
  27. Creation of a horoscope program in the programming environment.
  28. Creation of mini-projects in the Delphi programming environment.
  29. Creation of a thematic site.
  30. Encoder – the decryptor of typed files.
  31. Fractals in computer graphics.

Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)

Themes of research works and projects on Microsoft Excel:

  1. Diagrams.
  2. Diagrams around us.
  3. Diagrams and their use in school practice.
  4. Methods for solving systems of linear equations in the Microsoft Excel application.
  5. Drawing curve graphics in Microsoft Excel.
  6. Solution of systems of equations in Microsoft Excel.
  7. Solving problems with the help of MS Excel.
  8. Using the computer for function research and plotting.

Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Themes of research works and projects on presentations:

  1. Computer presentations help solve problems.
  2. Creating entertaining tests.
  3. Creating a tutorial for Open Office Calc.
  4. Creating a tutorial Open Office Impress.
  5. Creating a tutorial for Open Office Writer.
  6. Creating an electronic quiz.
  7. The electronic portfolio of the student.
  8. Methodical manual for work in Consultant Plus.

Graphic Editors

Themes of research works and projects on graphic editors:

  1. The study of cross-sections in stereometry using a computer.
  2. Interactive tools of the Corel DRAW program.
  3. Using vector graphics editors to build sections of polyhedra.
  4. Computer simulation of sweeps of regular polyhedra.
  5. The toolbar of the program Corel DRAW.
  6. Consonance of graphics and music (Adobe Photoshop).

Flash Environment

Themes of research works on the creation of Flash animations:

  1. Alternative sources of energy production (Flash environment, web).
  2. Wasteless production (Flash environment, web).
  3. Ecologically clean transport (Flash environment, website).
  4. Ecological town planning (Flash environment, website).

Video Editors and 3D Modeling

Themes of research works on the creation of video and 3D modeling:

  1. The world of video (Adobe premiere).
  2. Software for presenting entertaining numbers (Visual Studio environment).
  3. Overview of virtual museums.
  4. Methods for searching for the Hamiltonian cycle (Visual Studio environment).

MathCad Package

Themes of research works and projects on MathCad:

  1. Automation of the teacher’s work on the example of solving systems of algebraic equations using the software package MathCad.

General Topics of Research on Computer Science

  1. Antivirus: Analysis of antivirus software.
  2. The influence of the computer on the psyche of children.
  3. Use of BAT files for elimination of consequences of malicious programs.
  4. The computer and its impact on behavior and human psychology.
  5. Computer viruses.

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