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Requirements for Thesis Format

thesis format

Do you know what thesis format you should stick to while writing? The thesis should be printed on A4 paper on one side of the sheet through 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font, font size 12-14 points, with indentation equal to 5 spaces. The numbering of the thesis pages should be cross-cutting; pages are numbered in Arabic numerals; the page number is not indicated on the title page; on the next page, put the number “2”; illustrations and tables are included in the overall page numbering. The page number is printed at the top margin of the page.

The volume of the thesis paper is near 300 pages for doctoral and 150 pages for masters theses. There is a standard you should stick to while writing your thesis paper. The standard provides:

  • Structure and rules of registration of the thesis paper in the form of a manuscript.
  • Structure and rules of the thesis paper in the form of a scientific report.
  • Structure and rules for the formulation of the thesis outline.
  • Rules and examples of registration of bibliographic references.
  • Examples of bibliographic records.

The Structure of a Thesis Paper

The thesis consists of the title page, the thesis outline, the table of contents, the introduction, the main part, the conclusion, the list of abbreviations and symbols, the list of literature, and the applications. It is important to pay attention to the title. The dissertation council may refuse to accept a thesis paper if its title does not correspond to the content.

The table of content reflects the structure and content of the thesis paper and must be carefully thought out. The chapters of the thesis are divided into paragraphs, and paragraphs are divided into points and sub-points. Headings in the table of contents should accurately repeat the headings in the text.

The introduction includes the following structural elements: the relevance of the topic and its importance for science and practice, the current state of research in this field, goals and objectives (the goal is the achievement of the purpose in specific conditions), the novelty of the results obtained, the theoretical and practical significance, the provisions imposed on defense (for a doctoral thesis), and the approbation of results.

Each chapter of the thesis begins with a new page. Headings are placed in the middle of the page without a full stop at the end. It is necessary to pay attention to the breakdown of the thesis into chapters, paragraphs, etc. and their numbering. It should provide quick access to those fragments of text that are referenced.

It is desirable to avoid the phrases “above it was already said that …” or “below we will show that …” in the text. It is better to write the following: “In paragraph 3.2 … we will show that …” The presence of a list of abbreviations does not exclude the interpretation of the abbreviation and the symbol at the first mention in the text.

Letters of the Greek alphabet, formulas, and individual conventional signs are allowed to be entered by hand via black ink. In the conclusion, they state the results of the completed research, recommendations, and prospects for further development of the topic. Also, the application, tables, diagrams, and figures can be presented.

In addition, some reference materials or additional technical calculations can be made in the application, which can facilitate the work of opponents in the evaluation of the thesis. When calculating the volume of the dissertation, applications in this volume are not included. The results of the thesis paper should be published. For candidate theses, there must be at least one publication in journals that have a well-established review system.

In-Text References

If the textual references (the list of used literature) are numbered, the text is given in brackets. Parentheses are not used for this purpose. In the text: “The data of this study are given in the work of J.H. Smith [54].” In the text link: “54 J. H. Smith Marketing research. Journal of Marketing Development, 23(4), 245-259.”

If the list of references is not numbered, then in the text of the thesis the authors’ surnames, as well as the year or title of the document, are indicated in square brackets. If a link contains information about several sources, the information groups are separated by a semicolon: “[2; 5, p. 14], [17; 25]
[Smith 1989; Jackson, 1990].” Bibliographic records are made in accordance with the academic standards.

In the thesis lists, the alphabetical order is recommended: as a rule, the order is presented according to the alphabetical order of the surnames of the first authors, without taking into account the second and subsequent ones. The works of one author are arranged in alphabetical order for the titles. If necessary, the alphabetical principle is combined with the chronological principle.

Sources in a foreign language in the list of literature are placed after sources in the English language on the same principle. In the case of using borrowed material without reference to the author and (or) the source of borrowing, the thesis is withdrawn from consideration by the dissertational council without the right of re-defense.

In accordance with the regulations on the procedure for awarding academic degrees and awarding academic titles, the thesis format must be subject to the requirements for work that is going to be defended. Today, the thesis paper should be executed on a computer using modern text editors. Such requirements will be satisfied by the well-known word processor Microsoft Word.

Advantages of computer formatting can not be overestimated. This is a powerful leap in improving the quality of work: it concerns a significant reduction in the number of inaccuracies and errors, the ease with which they can be corrected, the full set of possibilities for inserting mathematical dependencies and foreign text, and performing the most complex drawings, graphs, diagrams, and tables.

Let’s perform some settings for MS Word 7.0 for the preparation of the text. On the File menu, execute the Page Setup command and make sure that the sheet size is standard: A4 size, portrait orientation. Define the page margins: left – 30 mm, top – 20 mm, right – 10 mm, bottom – 25 mm. Font is Normal, Times New Roman. The font size is 14 points.

Note: In printing, the standard unit for measuring the font size is the item. An inch has 72 points. The saturation of letters and signs must be equal within the line, page, and the whole thesis. The text is placed on one side of the sheet. In the Format menu, choose the Paragraph command, and set the line spacing to 1.5. As already noted, the volume of the thesis work is not specified, but it is considered quite sufficient if the candidate’s thesis contains approximately 120-150 pages, and the doctor’s thesis contains 300-350 pages.

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