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Poverty Essay about the Relation of Ignorance with Poverty

It is nearly impossible to cope with an issue having insufficient or misleading information about it. Such a common and dangerous phenomenon as poverty requires knowledge and a thought-out strategy. Ignorance eventually results in indifference, which in turn leads to the unwillingness to implement actions.

poverty essay

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In order to discuss the issue, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what the definition of poverty is. Poverty is defined by the World Bank as hunger, lack of shelter, inability to see a doctor when needed, lack of access to education, and the incapability to read. Poverty is being afraid of the future because of not having a job. It is having unclean water, which can result in illnesses. It is being powerless, having no representation, and lacking freedom. Poverty can be social, educational, health, spiritual, environmental, and economic (Narayan and Walton 25).

The existence of poverty is evident. Nevertheless, its extent is usually underestimated. The majority of Americans from 25 to 75 years old live in poverty for one or more years (Hacker 78). Taking into consideration the example of the US, only 12-17% of people fall under the defined federal poverty line (Zweig 113). Due to the numbers, the public may be misled by the idea that poverty does not have an impact on society. Moreover, actions implemented towards the reduction of poverty can be perceived as acts of charity, while it should be considered an effort towards helping others. The ignorance of the extent of the issue and in which it may affect the public eventually results in inaction, making the idea of reducing the amount of poverty near impossible.

To conclude, a number of people possess incorrect information about poverty and the scale in which it may affect the public. The ignorance leads to negligence concerning the solution of the issue.

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Poverty Essay Writing Process

  1. Explore the topic. The first thing to do is choose a theme.
  2. Ask questions. If your instructor has not assigned a specific topic, be sure to obtain consent before starting to study the topic you have chosen.
  3. Explore your topic. To write an essay on sociology, you need to gather evidence.
  4. Organize your materials. When you’re done with your research, make sure it is well organized to help you write effectively.
  5. Formulate your thesis. Write your thesis statement before drafting the rest of your essay.
  6. Write your poverty essay introduction and conclusion. It is helpful to write an introduction and conclusion before writing the main body of your essay.
  7. Work on the main paragraphs. Each main paragraph should contain a main point and several supporting statements.

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