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Learn How to Write Cause and Effect Essays on A+

How to Write Cause and Effect Essays

In the process of writing a cause and effect essay the writer should thoroughly research the two variables to confirm the cause and effect relationship. It is important to research the situation closely and develop an argument for the relationship with the use of compelling evidence.

Based on the different kinds of cause and effect relationships, this type of essay can be structured in one of the following patterns:

  • “Multiple Effects, One Cause” form.
  • “One Effect, Multiple Causes” form.
  • “Domino” form.

Multiple Effects, One Cause Structure

This structure can be used when one cause has numerous effects. Cause and effect essays include an introduction, three body paragraphs with each one describing one of the effects, the cause, and a conclusion.

One Effect, Multiple Causes Structure

You should apply this kind of structure when two or more factors, or causes, contribute to an effect or a phenomenon.

Causal Chain Structure (Domino)

You can use the domino effect to show how one cause/effect relationship sets off a chain of events, with one event leading to the next. The domino effect form of cause and effect essays can include as many as 7 paragraphs: the introduction, 5 paragraphs that describe a series of causal links, and the conclusion.

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