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How to Write Descriptive Essays on an Author’s Work

 How to Write Descriptive Essays

An author’s work is one topic a professor could ask you to write a descriptive essay on, and, by examining the essential elements of a descriptive essays, you will understand how to write one with this topic as a guide.

Which Work

It is possible that your teacher could give you complete freedom when choosing your descriptive essays topic, but some instructors will choose one. If you have much freedom in terms of topic choice, it’s important to select a work to which you’ve had a strong personal connection.

Moral Foundation

The greatest pieces of art have the ability to reconstruct a person’s moral foundation. Let the reader feel how you did while reading, and convey your thoughts and ideas with engaging, passionate prose.

Engaging Prose

Your reaction and description of a particular work of literature needs to be executed with engaging prose, in order to keep your reader involved. Use your senses and emotions to convey this. Include engaging moments to clarify your point to the reader.


Organize your ideas and thoughts in a clear and thought-provoking way. Even though there are ways for you to begin your best essay with a description of your reaction to the end of the text, you have to make sure that your decision to do so is warranted. If your reader is confused about your focus, it will be difficult for them to understand how you reacted to it.

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