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How to Write Cause and Effect Academic Papers

Cause and Effect Academic Papers

It is important that the research paper clearly identifies both cause and effect in order to show their relationship. The success of your college paper assignment depends on the amount of planning you put into the effort. Here are the planning stages for developing your research paper.

1. Selecting a topic

Try to choose a topic of interest to you. Before you begin, you should present your topic to the teacher for approval.

2. Writing a thesis statement

The thesis statement is a sentence that contains the focus of your paper and informs the reader what the research is going to be about. It usually appears near the beginning of the paper. It contains a topic and an opinion about that topic.

3. Using note cards to gather information

Note cards are an important step in writing a paper. They should include information necessary to write your research paper, plus the bibliography information you will need to cite the sources. When you take notes, paraphrase the information to reduce the chances of accidentally committing plagiarism.

4. Preparing an outline

The outline simplifies the writing process of academic papers. It helps the writer ensure that the thesis statement is strong and worth the argument or position taken. It also organizes the order in which ideas will be presented within the paper.

5. Preparing a rough draft

Follow the outline and use the information from your notes to discuss the topic in complete sentences, filling in the gaps with your understanding of the topic.

6. Writing the college paper

If you have followed the steps listed previously, the writing of your research paper should be a breeze. Revise and rewrite you rough draft into a final paper format.

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