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How to Write a Business Proposal of High Quality

how to write a business proposal

A business proposal is a tool used in working with partners: current and potential. A business proposal is a common type of text for selling. Each of us regularly meet various business proposals – the text motivates to take a certain action, for example, to go to the office, call managers, etc. The commission of such an action for cooperation with the company becomes the purpose of drafting a commercial proposal. But do you know how to write a business proposal?

Not every manager is able to independently write a business proposal. Indeed, the business proposal on paper for you has serious differences compared to the usual communication with the client. It is necessary to outline the benefits of your proposal in such a way that information is concise enough, stimulating a potential client for a deal. If you want to know how to make a business proposal, you should follow some rules.

Items That Must Necessarily Be In a Business Proposal

  • A header with a company logo and contacts (phone number, e-mail address).
  • The addressee of the letter or the person for whom it is intended.
  • The name of the letter (an explanation that this document is a business proposal).
  • Date of compilation and number of the business proposal.
  • Number of outgoing documents (the company must support internal workflow).
  • Possibilities and terms of payment, installments.
  • Terms of delivery (if a business proposal is sent to the region, you need to attach a list of other goods and terms of delivery to it).
  • The numbering of each item, the short name of the product or service, the unit price of the product or service, the amount for each item and the total amount.
  • Photos (or schematic image) of the product and a brief description of the technical specifications.
  • The stamp of the organization and the full name of the responsible person with the signature.
  • The term of the business proposal (the actuality of the proposal, the specified prices, the reserve for the goods, etc.).
  • Contacts of the responsible manager.

The preparation of such business proposals initially would take a lot of time for managers, since they filled documents in Word manually. However, there are many CRM-systems and programs that automate the workflow; now you can use one of them and save a lot of time, having ready-made templates at hand.

We want to emphasize once again, when working with new large customers, pay special attention to their procurement regulations and make them focus on the business proposal in the way that is most preferable for the customer. For example, add a short technical description of the product or its parts. In advance, assuming what questions may arise, provide ready-made answers. At the beginning of cooperation, do not be stingy to offer a discount. In the future, becoming a permanent supplier and having a good reputation, it will be possible to raise prices by 1-2% compared with the average market price.

After the change in the form of the business proposal, the sales level in the first month can increase and continue to rise. Procurement specialists of large companies will begin to send you requests for the preparation of contracts and the supply of equipment. If you want to know how to write a business proposal, you should know its types.

Types of Business Proposals

  • Basic Business proposals
    Such a business proposal is usually sent in large quantities. A business proposal is presented in one unique form. Potential clients of the company do not expect any letters from your company, in this case the goal is “to attract” the attention of their audience.


  • significant coverage of the target audience.
  • saving your time.


  • no personal proposal to the client.
  • most likely, the business proposal will be acquainted by a person, which will not make any decision.


  • “Warm” business proposals

They are personal business proposals, because they are sent to be read by a specific person after the negotiations. For example, they are sent after a “cold” call. The advantage of such a proposal is, at minimum, that the client is waiting for it. An important nuance is that the business proposal should be made taking into account the identified needs of the client with the content of the most specific information and offer.

To start such business proposals, use the following phrases:

In the continuation of our conversation I am sending you …

“As you asked, I send …”.

Another important feature of such business proposals is that after a few days from the date of sending, you can repeatedly call the client and discuss specific points of interaction. For example, you may focus on how much the customer was interested in the offer, what he or she liked, or what he or she would like to clarify. If you want to know how to make a business proposal successfully, you should know what to avoid.

8 Mistakes That Kill Your Business Proposals

  1. Noncompetitive proposal.
  2. The business proposal is sent to people who are not necessarily interested in it.
  3. The business proposal is made without taking into account the needs of the target audience.
  4. An unsuccessful design of the BP, which makes it difficult to read and analyze information.
  5. BP simply tells, but does not contain a specific offer for customers.
  6. Only the product itself is considered, without indicating its benefits to the buyer.
  7. The reader is forced to read the cumbersome business proposal.
  8. A person who does not make a decision about cooperation gets acquainted with the business proposal.

As a rule, a business proposal is prepared for distribution to its customers. It indicates the goods and services of the company in the expectation that the recipient will be interested in at least one of the proposed positions. But it is possible to work for sure – to find out the customer’s need, betting on it, reporting on specific services or goods important to the recipient. Therefore at the first stage it is necessary to define the purpose of drawing up the business proposal.

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