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Why You Need Homework Sheets

homework sheets

Why should you take on homework if you end up not doing it? Google Play and the App Store carefully offer apps with ready-made homework for all occasions. More precisely, they offer ready-made homework sheets for all classes in all subjects. But disappointment and low grades can come for those who are too lazy to think a little before using those apps. And often this is what the collections of ready-made solutions are accustomed to.

We already covered why copying is bad. You can see how bad it is from the comments of disgruntled users of such applications with ready-made homework sheets. And this does not concern the most egregious or evocative comments. They did not have to be searched for and selected for long.

Many have become accustomed to believe that school is the most important thing in human life until, after 17 years, one must acclimate to the real world as best as possible. Therefore, some parents require that the child does homework to the absolute limit, so that everything is done (and ideally). In fact, homework is not the main thing: a student’s psychological comfort and involvement in studies is more important. In addition, the life of most students is so very tense – it is often not easy to find the strength after school or work to do homework.

How to Start Doing Homework

In the beginning, it is very important to understand that an unfinished task is not a tragedy or a catastrophe. Otherwise, you will worry that you are a bad student. Keep in mind that your results and assessments are not the main thing in your life. At first, the student may be confused by the homework and not understand how to approach it. In such a situation, you should properly organize the process, think about where to start, how to finish, and how to correctly formulate answers in your notebook. Think about why you need to do things in this order, and say the whole sequence of actions out loud. When you get comfortable, pronounce these commands to yourself. After some time you will stop being confused and afraid of a clean sheet and homework will become much easier to do.

Many teachers want to make homework a habit, but most students do not understand why they should do something simply because it is necessary. Telling that a student “should” do something if he or she is studying everyday, solving mathematics, or doing reading homework – this is a direct way to make a curious and open person become closed and sad, and be mistrustful of everything new.

On the one hand, the student, of course, must understand that in life there are things that have to be done every day, but they are useful and necessary – just like brushing your teeth. On the other hand, studies should in no case be monotonous, as students already have difficulties from boring examples and monotonous tasks. It is best if the student begins to treat assignments as a study, rather than a set of facts that just need to be learned.

How to Handle a Huge Amount of Tasks

Sometimes students get too much homework. That is, the teacher not only explains and assigns something in the class, but assigns homework as well – and the students in fact have to master most of the material themselves. As a rule, children quickly find a way out: they just do not do what they do not have time for. Students must learn to choose and prioritize: what is more important to learn, and what can be postponed or clarified in the lesson. Homework should not take up the student’s entire life: he or she needs time to eat, sleep normally, and just hang out.

The school occupies the same place in a child’s life as the workplace in an adult’s life. So do not treat homework lightly or indifferently. However, sometimes you feel you should just let the assignment be unfulfilled, as your stress will increase and your motivation will drop dramatically. It is necessary to prioritize, taking into account your interests and abilities, and not just your ideas about how to do it right.

If you see that it is hard for you to study, it is important to understand what is wrong: you can not cope because you missed the lesson, or because you can’t reach the level that is given in the school and where the majority of your classmates are. It is necessary to understand your strengths and weaknesses and then deal with the training program. With this, for example, psychologists can help; you can try to change the level of learning or to refuse to study in depth any subject. And, of course, it is important to take into account the general state of the student, such as why you are distracted or quickly tired. Maybe you are worried about something and do not sleep at night. This can greatly affect learning, as well as the ability to remember, to be interested in new ones, and to concentrate on assignments.

If a child chronically learns badly, is depressed, has conflicts with classmates or teachers, and does not want to go to school, he or she probably has serious problems. Maybe the child is bullied in school, feels like an outsider, does not understand the pressure of responsibility, or has a depressed state. In this case it is useless to fight with the symptom, but it is necessary to search for the cause.

One of the most common reasons why a student does not want to do homework is the lack of motivation. According to statistics, nearly 60% of students don’t want to go to school. What should you do to motivate yourself for doing homework and attending school? First of all, don’t think that you can’t study well, and don’t be afraid of failure.

How to Avoid Homework Problems

To avoid any problems in studying and doing homework, you should motivate yourself beforehand. You can watch scientific movies or read literature – each discipline can offer something interesting that will help you in your studying. To gain motivation, you should make sure to sleep enough while doing homework every day.

Doing homework without breaks should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. The amount of time increases as the child grows up, but should not exceed reasonable limits. Otherwise, the student can overdo it and do the task mechanically, without going into the essence of the matter, thus not mastering the material. The student is best advised to first do the most difficult tasks for him or her, requiring maximum concentration and attention, and then move on to easier ones. You should ask for help only if the assignment involves the participation of the parent or is really not feasible for you.

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